Best car haulers & race trailers with and without living quarters

Finding the best car haulers & race trailers can be hard, whether you’re looking for one with or without living quarters. Keep reading as we’ll help you on your quest!

Camper car haulers

The purpose of a car hauler is to transport cars. Sometimes they are called ”garages on wheels,” and this name suits them well. These enclosed transporters can be built on demand on your requests, which are forwarded to the factory. 

If your vehicle is small, it can easily fit in most car haulers. However, there are many alternatives since vehicle carriers are available in various sizes and layouts. 

Because the garage takes up so much space, a car hauler will have fewer living spaces than the ones you’ll find in an RV. However, this is because car haulers are designed for vehicle transportation, so that this purpose will take up most of the space inside. The area designated for a living can be customized. 

You can choose high-end, opulent options and layouts if you value comfort and luxury the most. Although it costs more, it will definitely satisfy all of your living space needs. At the same time, someone with fewer expectations from the living quarters can opt for basic ones equipped with all the necessities required in daily life. If the living area is compact and standard, more space will be available for the vehicle and garage space. 

You might not find a kitchen in most haulers, and such an area is missing in order to save up more interior space. Certain luxurious models have a wet bath, but a standard bathroom can be found in others. Since these trailers can be customized to your needs, you can forward your requirements to the brands producing these car haulers.

Some car haulers offer a luxury living area together with the space to transport your favorite vehicle. These are equipped for your convenience, and they are designed by the most famous brands in this industry. You’ll be able to choose between lightweight trailers to large-sized ones, as they range from 20 to 45 feet. 

Overall, the most popular brands manufacturing these trailers want to balance the comfort and practicability of their products. Depending on the price range, such trailers will come from standard models equipped with all the necessities to luxurious and opulent ones where the highest quality is applied.

32′ Millennium Car Hauler

This hauler is designed with practicability and maximum usage, putting luxury on an optional note. While still comfortable, the living spaces will offer you all the necessities required by day-to-day life. Storage cupboards in the garage allow you to store your belongings. An entrance door will be used to enter the living spaces, while the vehicles will use the ramp when they are being loaded. 

The living area of this car hauler has a separate entry door, making it more accessible for you. A wet bathroom is included, and a dining space with a table maximizes your comfort. 

A stove and a refrigerator will allow you to cook and store your favorite meals, whereas a microwave will be useful for reheating them. There is no separate sleeping space, but the sofa can be easily folded out to become a normal-sized bed. 

Here’s a picture of a 40′.

40' Millennium Car Hauler

Complete Trailer 45’ Gooseneck Stacker

You will have plenty of space inside this trailer, which has an interior width of 82 inches. At the height of 11 feet, taller individuals may comfortably enjoy the living space while standing up. This space includes kitchen facilities and a sleeping area that will offer you a comfortable good night’s sleep. 

gooseneck trailer

Solar panels are equipped on this model, and they will provide power throughout it. LED lights will shine on the interior when it’s dark, making it suitable for fulfilling tasks at night. Three doors provide access to this trailer, with the main one being the ramp which you’ll use to load and unload your vehicle. Side entry doors will allow you to get in and out of the living space quickly. 

Sundowner Pro-Grade Toy Hauler

Sundowner Pro-Grade Toy Hauler

If higher structural integrity is what you’re looking for, this trailer will meet your needs. You no longer have to worry about the durability and maintenance when you get the Pro-Grade Toy Hauler. With a large cargo capacity and better customization options, this car hauler increased in popularity over the last few years. 

Ten basic floor designs are offered, satisfying even the pickiest customers. Custom modifications can be made with a special request forwarded to the company. This car hauler is made entirely of aluminum and has a length of 24 feet. 


An 8-year structural warranty is offered upon purchase, removing maintenance stress from the new owners. The owners of this model are satisfied with the spacious interior living space, making it suitable for anyone regardless of their expectations. 

Sundowner inside

What to consider when buying

When you have a special car you value the most, you will go above everything to take good care of it. You do your research and spare no money when it comes to the transportation of your vehicle in the safest conditions. Before you purchase such a car hauler, consider the following points for more information on what to consider when buying a trailer.

Your car hauler is a significant investment whether you want to move your car around or exhibit it at events. The most famous companies producing these trailers have increased in popularity after their customers were satisfied with their new investment.

Best Sizes

The number of vehicles you need to transport at once and their own size will greatly influence the ideal size of your car trailer. With most small-sized models, towing one car is still an easy task. However, most of such trailers are sized between 20 and 24 feet long and are perfect for transporting a single car with extra room to spare.

Open vs. Enclosed

The first step is choosing between an open and an enclosed trailer. This is one of the key elements to consider when purchasing any trailer. 

Since they provide complete protection from the weather outside and may be used to store a car permanently, enclosed trailers appear to be the best choice. Such trailers also eliminate the chance that rocks and other road debris may scratch the outside of your vehicle. In general, car enthusiasts like the enclosed option while traveling long distances.

Open car trailers are much cheaper, sometimes reaching 50% the price of an enclosed one. This choice might be influenced by how far you want to transport your vehicle on the open road, with most people getting an open car model if they want to travel for short distances at a time. 

Steel vs. Aluminum

The choice between an aluminum or steel car trailer affects the lifespan of your equipment and determines the pricing point. Durability is an important factor. Choosing the right model will depend on multiple factors depending on the purpose. 

Aluminum trailers will last longer, and you’ll never have to deal with rust. However, they can be more expensive, but such an investment might be worth it for someone who values reliability. At the same time, choosing a steel model doesn’t mean you will get inferior quality. Such trailers are quite durable, and you will only need to repair minor damage to prevent corrosion.


Your trailer’s weight will influence the carrying capacity that it can hold. Besides having a vehicle loaded, you might also want to transport more materials and components. Some might be available storage space, but you need to consider the weight. For example, a race car will always be lighter than a normal car for public roads. Therefore, more equipment can be transported. 

When you are in the process of purchasing the best car trailer, it is essential to be aware of how much your vehicle weighs. Don’t forget to check your truck’s towing capabilities and make sure the engine can take on heavier loads.

The material influences the weight. Steel will be heavier, and you should consider this if you want to choose a lightweight option instead. 

Most of these haulers come with customization options, as companies are aiming for high customer satisfaction. Therefore, you can choose an add lots of features for your new toy, some of which include:

Extra Height

Maybe your SUV is taller than most vehicles, and you need the extra space. Additional headroom can be added, making the enclosed trailer higher. This improvement will be essential for moving tall and big cars.

Finished interior

While they are manufactured with practicability as their primary goal, some of them include visually pleasing designs. You can customize yours to your preferences, and your inner artist will be satisfied. Matching the color to one of your cars will be useful, especially if you’re running a racing team.

AC Unit

Some models will have built-in air conditioning, making it much more pleasant if you intend to spend more time inside them. Usually, such options can be found in enclosed trailers with living quarters.

Open Center Car Trailer

When your vehicle is put onto the trailer, you may use an opening to access the underneath to do maintenance. 

Observation Decks for the Roof

A common choice for racing them is adding an observation deck to the trailer. This provides an excellent vantage point to watch your vehicle race. In this case, most such haulers will be equipped with living quarters.

Get-Out Door

This door is an additional feature that fits above the driver-side wheel. It makes it simpler to exit your car while it’s in the trailer. It’s a convenient choice for anyone who wants to have some extra space.

Stacker trailers

stacker trailer

The market for stacker trailers has been expanding throughout North America. In addition to being utilized for racing, such models have long been a popular option for campers and travelers who wish to bring their vehicles along on their outdoor journey. Most people ask about the length capacity of their trailer. 

It is important to consider everything you want to transport when choosing the length. Efficient configuration of your trailer is also necessary, and you should consider all the purposes intended for your car hauler. 

Height is also an important factor; usually, you’ll find enclosed car trailers 13 feet high. Any roof-mounted features such as vents and air conditioning will be added to the total height. 

Determining what may be loaded and stacked within the trailer might be the most difficult part of choosing your ideal height. A simple way of finding out which vehicles can be loaded into your trailer is to add the height of both cars, which will be loaded simultaneously. 

Gooseneck enclosed trailers

While other models will have a straightforward design, the gooseneck trailers have the distinctive feature of a long, curved neck. Such trailers can be attached only to pickup trucks and other compatible vehicles, making them quite exclusive in towing capabilities. 

On the other hand, such a system’s advantages make this trailer worth it for those who know exactly what they want. They are much more stable since the gooseneck hitch overlaps with the towing vehicle. This results in better control and reduced shake on the highways, giving you a more comfortable ride.

The weight distribution also makes transporting heavier vehicles easier since the rear axle can support more weight. It also increases practicability since the load can be heavier, reducing multiple unnecessary journeys.

Such trailers might be in the eyes of determined thieves, so it must be equipped with the necessary security systems. The process of un-hitching it will be quite noisy, alarming those nearby. A heavy-duty truck is necessary for towing such a beast, so it’s safe to assume that such thieves do not own one. Since it is a hard and costly task, most thieves will choose to avoid such a risky operation. Nevertheless, you should still invest in extra security systems to protect your car hauler during the night. 

Despite how specialized a gooseneck trailer may appear, many other options are available for such a model. You should take your time and research the models available on the market, making sure you choose the right one suited for your needs. 

RPM Trailers

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