Best burl wood coffee, side, & console tables

A burl is defined as a growth on a tree where the grain has grown in an unusual way. It usually appears as a spherical outgrowth on a branch or tree trunk covered with small knots from dormant buds. 

The burl develops into huge, twisted growth on the tree’s base and trunk. Thanks to artists and sculptors worldwide, these burls are now used for furniture and decorative purposes. Otherwise, most likely, they would just be discarded.

burl wood coffee table in the living room

Among the most popular varieties are cherry and maple. Every burl is unique and complex in its own way. It is why the price can be higher for furniture manufactured this way. They can also come as burl wood veneer. Some are made out of redwood.

Let’s take a look at different pieces of furniture made out of burl wood or that look like it. We’ll go through several types of tables that will look amazing in your home. Here are the best burl wood coffee, side, & console tables. It includes tables that look like burl wood. Find the right burl wood table for your space.

Coffee tables

burl wood coffee table

Best cheap option – WELLAND Natural Edge Coffee Table, (Style D)

This marvelous table from Welland is built with reclaimed cedar stumps. Sturdy metal hairpin legs ensure great stability. These are covered with a natural lacquer finish. 

The edges of cedar and splices are retained into a unique petal shape through a technique known only by the most expert woodworkers. Every table is unique with a different color and shape, and you got plenty to choose from.

This table will bring warmth and enlighten your home with a perfect combination of art and nature. The style of this table can fit any theme, whether it’s a primitive style or a modern and contemporary one. 

You can place this table in various places inside your house. It is fit for your living room or kitchen. It can be placed in the hallway or near a window, which will shine enough natural light on the plants you might place on it.

Product Dimensions32″D x 32″W x 20.5″H
Room TypeLiving Room, Hallway
Special FeatureMultifunction
Table designCoffee Table
Top Material TypeCedar


  • You get great value.
  • It’s a versatile option.


  • The shape may be inconvenient.
433 Reviews
The price is also great.

Best luxury option – The Urban Port Mango Wood Coffee Table in Round Shape, Dark Brown

This round wooden drum table will be a great decoration for your home. It will add beauty and intricate details to your room’s design. It is aesthetically pleasing and perfectly designed thanks to its distinctive shape. The design makes it strong and long-lasting, which will bring you benefits in the long term.

Your guests will be impressed by this table, and you will receive many positive comments about your new addition. Besides being very aesthetically pleasing, this table is also effective. The surface is flat and stable, and you can keep your stuff on it without any worries. 

Because of its special shape, it can also be used as a coffee table to serve your best beverages to your guests. This company used mango wood to build their table, which is known for its high durability. These tables are solid and can last you for years if maintained properly. 

NameThe Urban Port
Room TypeBedroom
Special FeatureLightweight
Table designCoffee Table

A modern twist with traditional design and elegance, it is the definition of originality in the contemporary design of today’s coffee tables. 


  • We love how classy it looks.
  • The shape is unique.


  • Some customers have had issues with their tables. However, we never experienced that.
The Urban Port 
63 Reviews
The Urban Port 
It adds a level of class.

Console tables

burl wood console table

Best cheap option – Tajsoon

This small-sized console table is an ideal addition to your own home. You can easily put it in narrow places, and if you keep it will perfectly fit in the hallway. At the same time, you can also place it in your living room or office.

You can place small plants on top of it, which will contribute to the general design of your home. Scented candles will create an ambiance in your interior, and these can also be placed on the table. An X shape fixed frame makes this table highly durable, which will last you a long time.

The installation and assembly process is very easy to follow. The package includes all the necessary help for setting up this console table, which will suit your home perfectly. 4 adjustable footpads act as this table’s legs, protecting your tile and wood floors from scratches.

ColorRustic Brown and Black
Room TypeLiving Room, Hallway
Special FeatureStorage


  • It’s versatile. We love it in the entryway.
  • The price tag is very appealing.


  • It’s not real wood, but it looks like it.
710 Reviews
It's great for an entryway.

Best luxury option – Furologee Console Table for Entryway with 2 Drawers and Double Mesh Shelves

This company is well-known for houseware and indoor furniture products. Combining steel and wood creates one of the best models available on the market. Easy to install and portable, these are also outstanding and will be a great addition to your own home. 

This console table they created meets the same high-quality standard as their other products. Featuring 2 drawers and 2 tiers of shelves ideal for storage needs, it can be placed in the hallway or the living room. If you get creative, you can place it in your entryway and use the shelves to store your shoes.

2 large drawers will provide enough storage space for small items, such as keys and wallets. This way, you can declutter your desk and keep the place tidy. It is also friendly for children since a special anti-tip kit can secure the console table to the wall.

The metal mesh was used to design a 2-tier shelf that provides ample storage space. If you decide to place this table in the hallway, you can store your shoes here and make it a designated space. 

ColorRustic Brown & Black
Room TypeKitchen, Living Room, Bedroom, Home Office, Hallway
Special FeatureStorage


  • The drawers let you store things like keys and small objects out of the way.


  • It’s not made of real wood.
Furologee Store
726 Reviews
Furologee Store
We love the drawers.

Side tables

Best cheap option – Haussmann Wood Wave Verve Accent Snake Table

This table features several features in its design, such as visible marks from carving or patches from repairs. They add to the unique look of this table, which also has knot holes and natural inclusions. Separations or cracks occurred as the wood was dried. It makes the table more natural. 

The structural integrity will not be compromised with time because the material used is a strong and durable one. The natural beauty of the design will remain the same, and your home will shine with this unique piece of decoration.

As every table is unique, you will find impressive color, size, and design variations. These are entirely hand-made, which adds a bonus point to their originality. Experts from Thailand are working on the creation process of this table, which adds to an original style inspired by the traditional culture. 

We ordered this side table for our office and have been pleased with the fast delivery time. The shipping is free and guaranteed in all 50 states, with Alaska and Hawaii counted under international shipping rates. 

Table design‎End Table
Special Feature‎Multifunction
Room Type‎Living Room
Top Material Type‎Walnut Wood
Base Type‎Pedestal


  • It is a talking piece, given how unique it is.


  • It’s not always available.
113 Reviews
It is so unique.

Best luxury option – Christopher Knight Home Jerod Light-Weight Concrete Accent Table

It is suited both for outdoor and indoor spaces. A twisted hourglass structure will catch the eyes of your guests, which will surely be impressed by your new purchase. 

The modern design of this product will be ideal for minimalistic and contemporary homes. It is an ideal addition for everyone who wants something simple and functional. 

It comes in different sizes, so you will find many purposes for this table. You can place it in the hallway and put a plant on top of it, making for an impressive decoration combo. You can also keep it by your bedside and use it as a nightstand, where you can place your phone and an alarm clock.


  • It fits into any modern home.


  • The table arrived darker than we expected.
Christopher Knight
503 Reviews
Christopher Knight
It will stand out wherever it's placed.

More and more people appreciate burl wood, and now we will explain it in detail. 

What is burl wood?

Many types of wood feature this characteristic. Burl wood is a result of harvesting the burl of the tree, which is an outgrown portion. This is usually large and looks like a knob, situated at the base and trunk of the tree. Viruses or insects affecting the tree contribute to the well-known grain pattern founds in these occurences. 

Because the burls grow very fast, further stress is applied, and the pressure forms a specific pattern. After harvesting them, the processing companies will pressure wash them and remove the debris. In the end, they become slabs with the same thickness all around. 

What is burl wood used for?

Thanks to the artists and sculptors, these burls were saved and used in practical ways. They now have increased popularity for customers, which increases the workflow for the companies producing furniture. The grain patterns have a special look that appeals to everyone.

These burls are unique. Some of them can feature minerals and voids. If the tree is submerged in water for a long time, such minerals can develop inside the burl. Curly grains appear when the trees are situated on hillsides or slopes with increased compression. All of these factors contribute to a better-looking burl design. 

Because they are unique, they also have an increased value and, therefore, more desirability. It is said that there are no 2 pieces with the same characteristics. Customers with a trained eye for the details will pay attention to the patterns and realize how special they are.

When customers are faced with a piece of furniture made of burl wood, they know that there is no other similar piece in the entire world. That makes them even more desirable, and it’s how this wood constantly increases in popularity.

Types of burl wood

burl wood table

It is typical to find a wide range of grain patterns and textures when looking for burl wood. That is because burl wood can be found in a wide variety of patterns and graining intensities. Each piece is unique and features different colors and patterns, but the quality determines how much it costs. 

Ones that feature more patterns and curls are more popular than those with a simple design. They can also be more expensive since the formation process is much more complicated. Now, look at the different types of wood you can find.

Straight grain

This type has a straight grain that runs in a single direction. Although it lacks a specific character found in burl wood, this normal growth pattern can attract those who want something classic and minimalistic. This is also ideal for building materials since it is more sturdy than burl wood.

Figured grain

While the straight grain pattern is classified on its own, any type of wood grain pattern other than the straight one can be referred to as ”figured”. You can see various patterns on the surfaces of figured wood types. Their intensity can range from subtle details to striking patterns. 

Curly grain

Compression results when a tree grows on a slope and the curly grain pattern develops. The grain appears curled on the side of the tree that is facing uphill because it is denser there than on the other side. 

Some experts believe that genetics may be involved when the grain is curly over the entire tree. It gives the wood a different depth and color when it is cut and finished. 


Irregular grain patterns appear when a tree has been exposed to several factors. Even though they are typically discovered in tree roots, these burls can appear anywhere else. They can be small or large-sized, and they grow outside from the trunk.

Crown burls can be found at the base, but several more types exist. Although all burls are unique, certain patterns are easier to recognize by the experts working with them.

Lace burl

This distinctive pattern is also appreciated as a high-quality one. A lace burl is similar to a bird-eye burl that has been graduated. These slabs frequently resemble veins because of their vivid color and distinctive patterns or textures. They are frequently found in crowns. 

Bird’s-eye burl

It is a usual but stunning design that many people appreciate. It features small and closely spaced burls that appear as black eyes similar to the eyes of a bird, hence the name. It is also frequently found in crown burls and live burls of the tree.

Where does burl wood come from?

Burl wood comes from tree bud tissues that haven’t developed into leaves and twigs. The surface is usually woody and barked. It includes the surrounding developing buds of the tree and folds them into its structure.

They can develop at their own rate into irregular forms and shapes. That is because they grow quicker and faster than other tree parts. The burl has various functions involved in trees’ development and growth. 

Because they share the same genetics, a tree can clone itself through the burl. That’s why some serve as the starting point for new trees. They develop from fallen trees or in the place of those that were cut down. Make sure to find matching dining chairs.


What is special about burl wood?

Burled wood is often thicker and resists splitting. It is ideal for furniture and decorations with specific designs. Woodworkers can also cut them into layers and use them for musical instruments or vehicle paneling. 

The unique pattern makes the wood a special material for decorations, which are sought by many. 

When was burl wood furniture popular?

The burl wood design became popular in the 1920s era when more and more companies started manufacturing furniture using it. While their popularity peaked through the 1970s, a decline was seen after new trends started to appear.

Nowadays, it is becoming popular again as more and more people want to decorate their homes with furniture made of this material. 

How do you make burl furniture?

The process of making burl furniture can be a complicated one, and it is often done by woodworking experts. Specialized companies focusing on furniture creation will use these burls and apply their methods to produce and offer the best furniture pieces for you. 

Is burl wood in style?

While it first appeared more than 100 years ago and was popular last century, burl wood can be considered timeless. It has a unique appearance which is impressive to many people. Its popularity is ever-increasing, and more people are interested in furniture manufactured with this material.