7 Best bed rails for seniors, adults, & disabled: Prevent falls from the side

When we think of bed rails, the first thought that comes to mind is “toddler safety.” No wonder these bed modifications are mostly used to keep your children safe inside the bed, ensuring it won’t fall off the side on accident. Not only does it make sleep more secure, but it also protects your kid from having a bit too much imagination.

A bed rail is easy to install, intuitive to use, and very reliable- making it a perfect addition to the household of new parents.

However, toddlers are not the only ones that use this innovation. In fact, many more people need the extra safety to sleep with no risk of hurting themselves. These include the elderly, handicapped people, and even regular parents with sleeping problems. They all can potentially risk falling out of a bed at night, with the threat of serious injuries. As the world became more aware of this issue, more full-sized adult bed rails are starting to be manufactured. 

Maybe you’re a concerned offspring of an elderly person, a caretaker of someone with a disability such as a dementia patient, or just someone who likes always to be prepared. You should know how to pick the right bed rail.

The choice can be intimidating, especially if it’s your first time purchasing such an item. It is precisely why we’ve decided to help, giving you this article which will tell you about bed rail qualities, facts, and buying options. Now, let’s start learning about the best bed rails for seniors, adults, & the disabled.

2 Adjustable Bed Rails for adults side by side

What are bed rails?

A surprisingly large number of people have never heard about them. It’s mostly because of the nature of this item- you’re not interested in it until you REALLY need it. For this reason, let’s look at the definition of the item itself. 

A bed rail is an addition you can implement into your bed. It’s a railing made mostly from metal or other sturdy material, and its job is to prevent anyone using the bed from falling out of it. It’s installed in a way that holds it firmly in place, disallowing users from dismantling it on purpose. Depending on the need, they can have different sizes and shapes. Both classical, one-pieced rails and more advanced railings have modification options. 

They can have multiple other functions apart from preventing falls. They can serve as a hold, allowing elderly people to stand up easily. They can also help little kids stand straight up, providing firm support. 

Even though they are made for safety, they pose some risks if used poorly. These risks include:

  • Getting a body part stuck in between the railing and the frame due to poor rail installation
  • Rolling over the rail due to a mattress reducing the railing’s height
  • Climbing over the rail due to insufficient height of the railing or improper construction
  • Dislodging the railing due to sudden, violent moves or shaking
  • Bumping into the railing in your sleep

All of these risks are due to users’ faults and inability to properly choose and install the railing they need. They can all be avoided by using more caution and better preparation for purchasing a bed rail. 

The best bed assist side rails in ensuring safety.

In the current state of the market, there are plenty of bed rails to choose from. They all specialize in different things, and they’re all made for different groups of people. The differences might not be apparent at first glance- that’s why we’re giving you our trusted and tested top picks for the best support rails for the bed. These items are the best-rated bed rail options in online shops, and we’re sure you’ll see why.

Stander EZ Adjust

This item will be perfect for various types of people. Whether you’re caring for an elderly person, recovering from an injury, or helping your wife during pregnancy- this edition is a must-have.

It extends in length for three different sizes, allowing you to optimize it according to the bed you’re using. It’s also made to fit all mattress sizes, all the way up to Cali King. You don’t have to worry about its performance in any circumstances. It can be brought down at any time and supports up to 300 lbs, giving you extra safety and sturdiness.

Despite being childishly easy to assemble and disassemble, it’s made with top-quality materials that will never break down on accident. All of this will be given to you for a fair price of $100, and is why it’s made it onto the list of the best bed rails.


  • Great quality for the price.
  • We loved the convenience of the pockets.


  • It’s not the highest-end product we tried.
Stander EZ Adjust 
6,583 Reviews
Stander EZ Adjust 
Stander EZ Adjust is a trusted name.

King Pavonini for Elderly Adults

Another great option for your parents who start to struggle with sleeping problems. The King Pavonini guard rail is perfect for keeping your family members safe, using an adjustable system to fit every possible scenario. It has over five lengths and height configurations made to ensure flexibility.

It has an especially long bottom that supports the rail, making the construction much more secure. It comes with an anti-slip foam, preventing any unpleasant accidents from happening when using it as a bed assist bar. Despite its light construction and seemingly simple design, it can support up to 300 lbs. On top of all that, it has a small pouch on the side to help you store everyday items such as pilots or glasses inside.

It comes at a very low price of $40- amazing for an item of this quality.


  • The price is unbeatable.
  • It will provide some protection against falling out of bed.


  • It doesn’t have the build quality of some of the other products we tried.
KingPavonini Store
460 Reviews
KingPavonini Store
It's an affordable option.

Rails for adjustable beds

As a simple, non-adjustable bed needs preparations, the matter only gets more complicated if the bed we’re installing a railing on is adjustable. It forces the railing to be portable, flexible, and easy to install. No one wants to spend hours trying to change the dimension settings of the railing every time they change their bed’s adjustments, right?

The following items offer all that while maintaining the original qualities we should look for in bed bumpers. All of them have been personally tested by us, with certified great performance.

Bed Assist Rail with Adjustable Heights

This under-the-mattress bed rail will cover all the safety problems you might encounter while sleeping. It’s made in a way that makes it easy to install and sturdy. It has multiple height adjustments, fitting all sizes of beds and mattresses.

The dimensional options are easily changed and maintain their state, preventing accidental dismantling. This attachable option comes with an extra item pouch made to store all your personal belongings. It also features an anti-slip bar, giving you even more safety while getting up from bed. You can get all of this for a reasonable price of $41.


  • It snaps together easily.
  • The grip is very comfortable to hold onto.


  • We would have loved to see more adjustability in the length of the legs.
Medical king
6,726 Reviews
Medical king
Here's another good, affordable option.

Able Life Click-N-Go Extendable

Although it is a slightly more expensive option, you’ll soon realize that the extra money will be worth it. First, it’s made with top-class quality alloy steel for maximum sturdiness. It’s designed as a two-part railing with a removable handle.

You can detach it from the base to help your elderly parent when needed. It has four available handles at different heights, allowing the user to feel fully independent when getting up. Despite the seemingly light construction, it can support up to 300 pounds. It comes with a nylon strap that secures the other side of the bed in place.

With adjustable width and height, it can be used with any mattress size. All of those qualities have a price of $225, making them some of the best bed rails out there.


  • It feels very sturdy.


  • It’s not the cheapest one out there.
Able Life
5 Reviews
Able Life
We love the adjustability.

Rail for a full-size bed

The size of the beds is another variable we must consider. Not only is this important to determine the width needed, but the height will also depend on it. If we choose the dimensions incorrectly, there are two possible scenarios:

  1. The railing we bought is too small- in the case when the railing isn’t big enough, it won’t provide the features it should. The grip on the bar and the railing’s effectiveness will be lesser, as a lesser part of it will stick out of the mattress. It leads to safety concerns being brought back.
  2. The railing is too big- if the opposite happens, we can expect the railing to be problematic in installation. Not only will it cover too much of the bed, but it can also stick out from the bottom. It will make the whole construction an issue rather than a support. Additionally, a too-big railing can tip your mattress over, especially if you’re leaning on one side of it.

A correctly sized rail has two main qualities: it’s easy to install and use and gives you sufficient safety. Here are our recommendations for such rails:

Drive Medical Home Bed Style Adjustable Length

This option offers a slightly different approach to smaller bed frames. Instead of being attached to the bed, it acts as its own frame, protecting the entirety of the bed.

It’s made from steel, ensuring durability and safety. Despite the large construction, it’s easy to install and modify. A lifetime warranty backs it. If it ever malfunctions, you’re entitled to a full refund. It can be adjusted without needing any tools, done simply by choosing different size settings of parts.

The bars provide a strong, solid grip for everyone with back problems. This item comes at the cost of around $100, suitable for a bigger construction. 


  • The adjustability of the rail length worked like a charm.


  • We weren’t fond of the look.
Drive Medical 
613 Reviews
Drive Medical 
The adjustable length is great.

Elderly Assis Bedside Assistant Stainless Steel

Another item with lots of flexibility and modification options. This one is made of stainless steel- a durable and tenacious material. Made in a modern style, it will keep your room looking classy while giving you comfort and safety.

It can hold up to 250 pounds, and with its adjustable height, it easily fits any size of the bed. It comes with an anti-slip grip bar on both parts of the item. It costs $80, making it a great option for clients with not a large budget. 


  • The grip was extremely comfortable.
  • They feel very solid.


  • They are on the shorter side.
Elderly Assis
106 Reviews
Elderly Assis
Elderly Assis is not fancy but gets the job done.

Medical & hospital bed rails

Some people won’t be satisfied with regular, causal items. They are the ones riddled with medical conditions that make it hard to sit up straight or have a peaceful sleep. Luckily, there are options for people with such requirements. Medical and hospital bed rails provide even more protection and safety for the most demanding consumers. 

Check out the best bed rails for a hospital setting.

Vaunn Medical Adjustable Bed Assist

This item gives you everything you can look for as a person with sleeping problems. Made from durable alloy steel with a 300lbs support limit, it will give you all the durability you need.

It looks light and small, making it easy to install and adjust. It has changeable width as well as height. It has a padded grip for extra support and a safety strap to keep it in place. For $70, this option will positively surprise you.


  • It feels a lot more secure once assembled.


  • The assembly instructions were a bit confusing.
Vaunn Medical
6,835 Reviews
Vaunn Medical
They're very simple.

What to look for

You might not choose the propositions we’ve listed here. You still might feel like something’s missing and that you’ll be better off finding a rail yourself. To do it properly, let’s look at the main characteristics a good bed rail should have:

bed rails in box
  • Strength and durability
  • Sturdiness
  • Top tier materials
  • Light, non-complicated construction
  • Easy installing and modifying
  • Adjustment options
  • Extra features (safety straps, pouches, anti-slip handles)
  • Affordable price

It will probably be good enough if your item has at least four of those. Then again- the more, the better. Spending extra time looking for a better option is always better than settling for the worse one. Remember- the health of you or your loved ones is at stake here.

Alternatives to bed rails for elderly

Bed rails have their cons. Sometimes, they’re too substantial to be overlooked, and buying this item becomes impossible. Fortunately, there exist some alternatives for it. Here are some propositions:

  1. Roll guards- usually made of foam- encase the entire bed to keep the elderly from falling out.
  2. Wedges- focused more on the comfort of sleep. These options are made of soft foam and make the user’s sleep more comfortable.
  3. Concave Mattresses- an alternative to a normal mattress. They are made out of soft, high-density foam that keeps the elderly from rolling out of bed while preserving the comfort of a mattress.

Forias Wedge Pillow for Sleeping

One of the best bed wedges you can find on the market. They are made out of memory foam, adjusting to the needs of every individual sleeper, no matter the position. They offer maximum comfort of sleep for people after surgeries and the elderly. Additionally, they have side pockets in which you can store small items. It comes at a price of $32- very low for such an item.


  • It had no chemical smell, unlike some of the competing products.


  • It’s not fastened underneath the mattress like a rail.
Forias Wedge Pillow
353 Reviews
Forias Wedge Pillow
A wedge pillow can be a great option.


Are bed rails safe for the elderly?

Bed rails are designed to keep adults safe. However, every elderly person has their own needs; for some, bed rails might do more bad than good.

Does Medicare cover bed rails?

Unfortunately, these items are not covered by Medicare. That’s why it’s so important to check the price of every option we buy.

Where can I buy bed rails?

There are lots of sources to buy these additions from. They include online shops (Amazon), medical shops, and even everyday markets such as Walmart.