Best bearded dragon terrariums, tanks, and cages

You only want the best for those you love. So naturally, wanting the best home for your pet is a top priority. We take you through the best-bearded dragon terrariums, tanks, and cages that check off everything on the list: safety, ventilation, space, and sturdiness.

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What size tank do I need for a bearded dragon?

Bearded Dragon Tank

You want to get a beardie but need to know where to start. Before buying the tank, it’s important to note its basic nature. They are lizards of the genus Pogona, and there are six species in this category. They like a warm environment, and they’re easy to keep. They lay eggs and have teeth. They can live up to 10 years.

Since ten years is a long time, they will likely grow and want plenty of space for exercise and activities. They can grow up to 25 inches and weigh as much as 20 pounds at their largest.

Hence a tank that doesn’t crack under its weight is also a priority.

Bigger is better. A 4x2x2 ft is the optimum size for the tank for an adult beardie. For younger ones, you can buy something upwards of 60 gallons to make for enough space to move around. This way, you can buy larger ones when they grow older.

Here’s a list of the best bearded dragon tanks.

20 gallons tank for bearded dragon

Let’s start with 20-gallon terrariums. Here are a few of our favorites.

Repti Zoo

Here’s a 360-degree full-view glass that is meant for the utmost ease of use. It has a front opening on two sides, so you can easily feed your beardie. The top screen provides plenty of air to keep an ambient environment. The bottom is raised so you can add a heater.

You can easily move the wires through the 6 inlet holes provided and through the cable pass. The best part is that your pet need not wait for too long to enter the home. You will be done installing it in less than 10 minutes, and it’s all hunky dory from there.


  • Great for smaller spaces.


  • It’s still a relatively small tank.
  • The doors go on angled, which seemed a bit confusing
110 Reviews
It's great for various reptiles.

Amazon’s choice

It is quite obviously amazon’s choice for a reason. It’s a vertical tank that’s unconventional but practical. It has a front opening lid that allows easy food placement, decoration, and cleaning. There’s also a five-inch deep water bottom that allows you to create a paludarium and rainforest-like environment. And if you’re wondering how that won’t lead to rust, the answer is powder-coated screens. Rock-seeming foam bedding, a dome with a bulb, humidity, and temperature gauge, and a feeding dish are also provided.

It deserves to be on our list of the best bearded dragon tanks.


  • Great value
  • Very light


  • The top is a bit hard to open.
Zilla Tropical
931 Reviews
Zilla Tropical
Here's Amazon's recommendation.

30-40 gallon bearded dragon tanks

Here are some options if you’re looking for a slightly larger tank. These are perfect for reptiles that are growing but not babies.

Bearded Dragon reptihabitat tank 40 gallon

Versatile tank

This slightly larger tank measures 24x18x18 inches and accommodates 34 gallons of space. The top screen design is a patent, and that’s why most of these amazing tanks are products of Repti Zoo. The top screen provides ample ventilation, and you’ll thank us for the easy-to-open front doors. No more squeezing your hand in tight spaces to feed your buddy. The knob-style outlet hole means easy wiring with a wire organization hole at the top.

You can easily provide a warm environment with a heater under the raised frame. Get your friend as cozy as a family near the fireplace.


  • The delivery was packed with care.
  • The top feels secure.


  • Assembly was a bit hard.
425 Reviews
They have hundreds of positive reviews.

Amazon’s choice for a 40-gallon tank

A 4.8star rating is hard to beat. This tank with tempered glass walls is hard to break even if you try. This model 36″ features hinged doors, although some other models also have sliding doors. There’s a key lock system for you to keep your pet safe and secure. The Bio Deep Hydrid model features a waterproof base for all your rainforest-like simulations.

With so much space, you can customize the tank with a reptile carpet and many accessories to make your pet feel at home. Put in as many lights as you want because there are 6 outlet holes to organize your wires. You can use these holes for temperature probes to keep a full environment in check.

Overall, it’s a perfect home for your beardie.


  • Very easy to put together.
  • The clips lock the lid in place with ease.


  • The quality of the build was a bit lower than expected for the price.
Carolina Custom
279 Reviews
Carolina Custom
It's easy to put together.

50-55 gallon tanks for bearded dragon

These large tanks are equipped with more space. If you start with a larger tank, you don’t have to worry about buying a new one for an adult pet. Or you can store two small reptiles here too. You can size up to a 60-gallon tank too.

Amazing sliding door terrarium

Unlike the top screens we have seen before, this one is divided into two. That makes it easier to open only enough to accommodate your cleaning and feeding, and the pet doesn’t escape while you do so. The sliding doors make for better opening and closing since you only open however much is required, which isn’t possible with front-opening regular doors.

If you’re looking for more ventilation, you can replace the glass sides with the wire fences provided. Wire organization is simple, with 6 holes on the top. In short- we approve!


  • We really appreciate the sturdy build
  • Easy assembly
  • Great value


  • It’s fairly heavy.
88 Reviews
Here's a great 50-gallon option.

Private PVC

It is an alternative approach to glass. While glass makes it easier for you to see your pets, it may not be the optimum choice for them. With these PVC terrariums, they can feel at home in their hideout dark environment. It’s also a material that can maintain humidity and temperature more evenly than glass.

It’s so lightweight that you can take your pet for a walk. The top screen and side vents all come together to provide lots of fresh air. Sliding doors and key lock means your pet is always secure, and you don’t need to worry about it escaping. It’s simple to put together and take apart, too, so no waiting to house your best friend!


  • Decent value for the price.
  • Very light


  • Sometimes unavailable on Amazon
2 Reviews
The sliding doors are nice.

75-80 gallon bearded dragon tank

For juvenile pets, 75 gallons is a safe bet. Avoid your pet’s glass surfing and hitting the sides every time they turn.

Carolina Custom cages

It is a win-win for you and your pet, featuring their patent Bio Deep Hybrid technology. It’s completely waterproof and has ample space for your pet to play, hide, rest and recuperate. The best part is that Carolina Cages has tried and tested its models since they are also an expert at breeding bearded dragons.

Keep a grass mat, some bulbs, and a unique background to make your pet feel at home.


  • Easy assembly


  • More ventilation could be good.
  • Sliding doors make it a bit harder to clean
Carolina Custom
114 Reviews
Carolina Custom
Carolina Custom is here with another model.

Knock-down type

Accommodate your adult beardie with this perfect large terrarium. It’s called knock-down because it’s super easy to put together and knock down into its parts. In addition to the divided top screen, a side mesh provides lots of fresh air. A knob-type outlet hole can hold up to four cables easily.

Let the sunshine as the screen provides ample UVB and infrared rays for your loved one to thrive. You’ll see them grinning in the sunlight for sure.


  • White gloves are included to handle the glass.
  • Not too bulky


  • The cable cap was a bit hard to install.
78 Reviews
REPTI ZOO has a great 85-gallon option.

100-120 gallon bearded dragon tanks

90 gallon terrarium

You’ll need this giant for a cage to accommodate two or more small bearded dragons to get along. Otherwise, it’s enough for a one-year-old beardie.

Close to home

Why do we say it’s close to home? Because it’s as large as a desert for your pet. We can’t imagine the possibilities. The endless accessories of wooden branches, rocks, and ambient lighting. It can accommodate two baby beardies too. Although we must tell you these creatures are naturally solitary beings, they’ll be happy in their own company.

The waterproof base is up to 7 inches, which is suitable for many reptiles and most amphibians. There’s lots of airflow and light coming in through the mesh, and sliding doors make it simple to just pop in their meal for the day, even when you’re in a hurry.


  • Assembled in 20 minutes


  • A bit expensive
8 Reviews
OIIBO has made a luxurious 120-gallon model.

PVC reptile enclosure

Take benefit of the immense qualities of a PVC terrarium. It’s durable and lightweight. It’s also optimally ventilated and owes this to the mesh sides. The bottom can be placed with a heating mat, so your friend is nice and cozy. Sliding doors make the tank accessible for feeding, decorating, and upkeep. Place a nice ambient light as well as humidity and temperature probes. It’s perfect for a desert simulation but won’t keep up with rainforest animals.

The absence of glass may be seen as strange, but it’s required to make the animal feel safe and give adequate privacy. Believe it or not, they feel more at home!


  • Lightweight cage


  • Sometimes unavailable for purchase
  • Feels a bit cheap
PVC Reptile Enclosure
10 Reviews
PVC Reptile Enclosure
Here's a 120-gallon PVC option.

Bearded dragon tank decor ideas

You can do many things to make your pet feel at home. The decor won’t only be for them. However, it’ll make your home more ambient as well. Add the following things and amp up the tank!

  1. A log

Using a wooden cork log doesn’t just provide a nice desert look. It is also practical. It’ll help the pet with exercise as well as with basking needs. It’ll be basking under the light to feel warm. They’ll be using this to find the right basking temperature for themselves.

  1. A hammock

Let your pet laze around in a hammock. A hammock is perfect for surveying the region, as beardies usually like to do. Keep them away from the light and fix them closer to the sliding door so you can easily remove them and wash them whenever required. It will surely be one of the fixtures requiring more cleaning than others since it’s fabric.

  1. A Flagstone

Flagstone is the Norse word for the stone slab. You may have seen this in certain walkways. It’s a type of rock that is made of quartz as well as feldspar. It’s great because it gives the dragons a climbing arena and their talons some much-needed movement. They are great for basking as well. It’s a good idea to keep the smaller stone, as larger ones are too heavy and may hurt your dragon if toppled.

  1. Live plants

Contrary to what people might say, artificial plants might require no maintenance but can be ingested by your dragon, making them sick. Stick to live plants that are not poisonous and won’t harm if ingested. The following are some ideas:

  • Aloe vera
  • Ice plant
  • Jade
  • Prickly pear cactus
  • Agave
  • Haworthia
  • Echevarria
  • Elephant bush

These plants will please both your pet and your guests, making the tank look gorgeous.

  1. Backgrounds

The white and plain-looking walls of a terrarium can be dreadful. Make them more welcoming with a backdrop. Some ideas include a picture of rocks, a desert, a rainforest, cork logs, a waterfall, or a serene sunrise.

What to look for

Reptile tank with decorations

Finding your first or new terrarium for a growing dragon can be tricky. Take a look at the important factors to keep in mind while hunting.

  1. Space

The size of your tank determines what the space will look like. Here is a chart for the same:

Age (months)Size of the dragon (inches)Size of the tank (gallons)
0-13 to 440- 80
25 to 940 – 80
38 to 1140 – 80
49 to 1280 – 100
511 to 1680- 100
611 to 18100- 120
813 to 20100- 120
1216 to 24120
  1. Ventilation

Your dragons need air just like you. How to provide this need without them escaping and compromising their safety? A top screen made of mesh is one thing that has been implemented in most designs. Look for side vents or small mesh screens on the side for more fresh air.

  1. Durable material

The tank material can be of many kinds. It can be glass that comes in quite a few kinds. It can also be PVC which is a kind of plastic. All of these materials have their pros and cons. For instance, PVC is lightweight and provides a dark environment resembling the jungle. At the same time, anti-reflective glass lets more light in and filters out the glare. Tempered glass offers unmatched strength that’s great for growing beings that like to move around and hit their tails on the way. The choice is ultimately up to you.

  1. Safety

Safety depends on a lot of things like doors as well as a lock. The type of door also affects safety. For instance, sliding doors are safer as you only open as much as required. Hinged doors won’t offer that security. A key lock is great as it ensures the doors don’t open up with pressure.

Bearded dragon cage setup

We’ve talked about space, security, ventilation, and material. Let’s look at the other essentials in the cage setup.

  • Temperature: A temperature probe is necessary to check for the right temperature. The temperature should always be between 70-110 Fahrenheit or 20- 43 degrees Celcius.
  • Basking light is important, and that’s why you need sunlight for the UVA and UVB.
  • Substrate: Never use sand as the substrate, as this can be very dangerous and toxic. Use paper towels, tiles, and newspapers.
  • Humidity – maintain humidity with a probe and keep it at 30-40% and not more than 60%.

How do you clean bearded dragon tanks?

Reptile Tank 40 Gallon

A topic we all want to avoid because we don’t want to do it! But let’s face it, this being poops. You’ll need to clean it up.

Here’s the process.

  1. Remove the biodegradables – you’ll need to clear out the organic stuff first. Get the poop, leftover food, and any plant decay like leaves and dead crickets.
  2. Change the substrate – remove the old paper towel and newspapers and add new ones.
  3. Disinfect the bowls – Water always needs to be clean. The bowl must be sterilized in boiling water and sundried.
  4. Clean the carpet – Any reptile carpet, grass, or astroturf must be washed and dried. If they are too dirty, throw them out.
  5. Spot cleaning – clean the big stain you already see. These can be water stains or poop stains.
  6. Surface cleaning – now clean overall using a bowl of hot water to generate steam. Use any chemical spray on the microfibre cloth and then wipe the insides clean. Now use just water to wipe the insides clean.
  7. Put all the decor and your beardies inside.


Here are some other questions you want to answers for.

How to lower humidity in the bearded dragon tank?

There are a couple of ways you can do this. You can increase ventilation by letting some sliding doors open or moving the water bowl away from the heater. You can also stop misting if you are doing so. If nothing works, use a dehumidifier.

How hot should a bearded dragon tank be?

You need the temperature to be between 70- 110 Fahrenheit.

Can bearded dragons have bioactive enclosures?

Yes, they certainly can. You can install a background and adequate substrate and insert other living beings and plants to make the living enclosure more hospitable. A vivarium is perfect for this purpose.