Best unique and cool backflow incense burners (dragon, waterfall, ceramic, LED)

Nothing is better than a calming and soothing incense that lightly sways its fragrance in your home. Incense is long associated with many cultures around the world. Traditionally incense was made of several things. It includes dried flowers, leaves, resins, and ground powder. Now we have more modern approaches that include backflow incense burners wherein the smoke exits through the back instead of upwards and in front.

SPACEKEEPER Ceramic Backflow Incense Holder Incense

With this kind of burner, you can create wonderful effects like a streaming waterfall. Let us look at our curated list of all the best, unique, cool backflow incense burners.

How does a backflow incense burner work?

In a typical burning incense, you would have noticed the smoke rising upwards and flowing away into the wind. However, with the backflow incense burner, a special kind of cone is used. It releases the smoke in the opposite direction.

These cones are hollow and have a hole in the bottom. Due to this, the heat that is created gets a chance to cool off in the hollow cavity when burned. The cool air then, instead of rising upwards, flows downwards through the hole in the burner. This strategic hole creates beautiful scenic effects depending on the type of burner.

Waterfall backflow incense burners

When incense cones are placed on waterfall burners, their smoke is released in a manner that resembles a flowing waterfall. Take a look at these recommendations.

Aromatherapy ornament

Backflow Incense Waterfall Burner

With more than 34000 reviews, this handcrafted cone incense burner is a rare beauty. The waterfall effect is subtle and soothing. You also get 120 incense cones and 30 incense sticks, which are compatible with the burner. The lovely 7 fragrances include:

  • jasmine
  • rose
  • lavender
  • green tea
  • apple
  • sandalwood
  • and osmanthus.

Bring home to your home and drive away stress and bad vibrations!

34,933 Reviews
It's probably the most popular choice.

New moon fountain

Treat yourself to a beautiful blue moon fountain wherein the smoke flows like dewdrops. The effect of a pond or fountain is created when you light your cone. The long-lasting fragrance is powerful enough to push off any bad odors in the house and lull you into a good night’s sleep.

Even while you work, the soothing effect of this ornament won’t let you feel the work pressure. It has 100 cones and 40 incense sticks to make the most of your burner.

712 Reviews
It's gorgeous.

Resin waterfall

It is it if you’re looking for something to match your indie, vintage vibe. The resin work can match any wooden or farmhouse decor. It has an accentuated height that makes the smoke drop look more spectacular. Place it on your bedside for better sleep or on your dining table for high tea and wow your guests. Yoga and meditation time become more focused and relaxed when this soothing attraction is by your side.

It comes in various calming fragrances like rose, jasmine, and sandalwood.

5,885 Reviews
We love this waterfall.

Dragon incense backflow burner

You will surely bend the knee to any of these curated dragon burners.

Dragon’s breath  

For the fierce believers in the dragon’s power, here is an ornament that breathes dragons’ breath. It is the perfect thing to give more power to your meditation time or your office work. Just keep the cone on the dragon’s head and light it. In time you will find the dragon breath engulfing the mountains in front.

The high-grade ceramic has a gorgeous shine that only needs a wipe now and then to dust off the dragon’s tail.

1,334 Reviews
Here's a dragon you will want to fire up.

Zen dungeon

Make your home a zen dungeon with this dragon at its center. The dark purple dragon has all the qualities to turn off your inner demons with its tranquil aura. It is also a bringer of good luck and thus makes for a perfect gift for Christmas or birthdays.

The package also includes a tweezer, 100 cones, and a mat. Take a cone with the tweezers and light it. Now place it on the dragon’s head. Watch the stress leave your body as the smoke leaves the dragon’s mouth. The pleasant fragrance will ease anyone entering your home.

INONE Ceramic Dragon
1,376 Reviews
INONE Ceramic Dragon
It has a certain power.

LED backflow incense burner

What’s cooler than a waterfall? An LED waterfall. Yes, we bring this collection of mysterious incense ornaments with LED lights to make for an even more amazing visual display.

LED ring buddha

Whether or not you are a believer, there is a peaceful feeling that possesses when you look at a Buddha figurine. Combine this with soothing aromatherapy, and you’ve got yourself an amazing zen zone.

An LED ring light features a small buddha figurine in front. Place the cone on the top of the ring, and an incense ring can also be placed beneath the Buddha. It will lead to a wonderful backflow from the Buddha’s head and the ring. It also comes in a more vibrant red color.

12 Reviews
We love this Buddha.

Luminous Aromatherapy

There is something extra soothing about an LED backflow incense. In this cylindrical resin waterfall, you get an LED crystal ball which accentuates the effect of the waterfall even more. Place the crystal ball inside the cavity and the plastic ball on top. It will lead to a wonderful dazzling effect.

It comes with 150 cones of serene fragrances like ambergris, rose, lily, lavender, and osmanthus. Levitate in tranquility no matter where you are in the house. This stuff is durable and will last you years.

797 Reviews
It comes with lots of cones.

Zen life

A lotus-shaped burner like this could liven up the place and add some flavor to it. Here the Buddha is seen meditating on the side of the lotus with a drop incense holder on top. It looks gorgeous even without incense. With the backflow, it’s a spectacular sight.

It includes 50 cones, although you can use coils inside the holder. The buddha figurine lights up and is quite the sight to behold in the dark with the flowing smoke around it.

Zen Life
31 Reviews
Zen Life
Get the zen going!

Ceramic backflow incense burner

Ceramics is the material that is preferred for every decor. As a burner, it is easy to clean as well. Let’s take a look at some of the best ones.

Peaceful Porcelain

Here is a handmade porcelain beauty that promises a serene environment no matter where you are. Together with a lotus leaf and a villus mat, the effect it creates is wondrous when the cone is lighted. It’s perfect for a spa, a front desk at a hotel, or any place you want some peace to unwind.

The purified air is also a bonus and the relaxing effect it has on your sleep.

DK177 Store
9,662 Reviews
DK177 Store
Here's another great waterfall.

Ceramic frog

Wildlife lovers will love this one. A frog that drools peace! A ceramic plate features a frog, a mushroom, and a gourd accessory. Place the cone atop the frog’s head and go about your day as usual. The more the frog drools, the less stressed you feel. It comes with 12 extra cones to try out the burner.

The ceramic material is smooth and highly finished off with a glimmering look. It adds a glow to any room it is placed in.

Buddha incense burner buddha

Somehow incense and Buddha just go together. Take a look at these bestsellers to believe it.

Folded hands cute Buddha

It’s a small ornament that will gather great attention. This folded hands figurine will invite you into its layer of calmness and push you to be more present, attentive, and stress-less.

Place a cone on the mountain and watch the steam flow down as you unwind. It comes with 10 additional cones.

With a rating of 4.4 stars, it’s highly recommended for a nice visual display of 15-20 minutes with each cone.

1,100 Reviews
It will create a calming atmosphere.

Ceramic Buddha

A mesmerizing watch along with a pleasant fragrance. A delight to all the senses is guaranteed with this wonderful buddha ornament. Watch the feet of Buddha engulfed in a mist as you light the fragrance. There is also space for an incense stick.

Pick a somber brown or a luminous gold option. Both will dazzle up any corner of your home and make it more radiant.

OTOFY Handmade Ceramic
157 Reviews
OTOFY Handmade Ceramic
This ceramic is beautiful.

Large backflow incense burner

Sometimes you just want more mystique. To create that effect, you can have a larger backflow.

Take a look at how.

Dual cone backflow

Double is always better! Here we have space and mechanism for two steaming veils of mist to flow down and create a waterfall effect. Decorated with trees, this landscape makes for a spellbinding watch. This product is a steal with 120 cones, 30 incense sticks and 1 mat, and 1 pair of tweezers!

It makes for a lovely gift and an overall ‘treat-yourself’ gift. Placed on wooden furniture, it looks exquisite.

104 Reviews
It'll fit great in an office.

Buddha’s hand

This antique ceramic burner features a deeply meditative gesture by the Buddha. Its long height and large vessel at the bottom mean much more backflow than other products in this category.

The appealing and astonishing fact about this product is its natural goodness. The cones have no chemicals and are all plant-derived fragrances that will take you into the quiet of the Himalayan mountains.

You can place both sticks and cones in this product and watch the magic unfold.

396 Reviews
It's really well-made.

Modern backflow incense burner

We have the most exclusive range of contemporary designs in backflow burners that can act as an accent piece in your home. Take a look.

Mountain monk

Here is a picture of serenity. A monk meditates in the high mountains, where you can watch the smog roll down like a waterfall. Nothing is better suited to soothe your senses. Reduce headaches and improve sleep quality with this ceramic beauty by your side.

Made in a furnace at 1300 degrees Celsius, it is a highly spotless and shiny ceramic ornament that won’t be tainted for years.

8 Reviews
It's a modern wonder.

Sling crystal

If you are more concerned with the visual display than the smell of your ornament, here is something to wow every spectator. Here you can witness a crystal ball illuminated and surrounded by thick smog. The plastic wall prevents any kind of wind from disturbing the flow. The lotus holding the crystal makes it even more luminous and mysterious.

You can place odorless incense in this product, and smell is not much of a priority.

101 Reviews
It's clear and calming.

Skull backflow incense burner

Not all of us are going for a peaceful vibe. We can also utilize the backflow effect to create mystery, horror, and thrill. Here are some examples of the same.

Geode skull

Presenting a thrilling geode skull that is Amazon’s choice in this category. The unique combination of colors is more enticing than plain old brown and black burners. Witnessing the smog roll down into crystal makes the skull even more thrilling.

There is even a LED backlight that makes the visual display awesome.

Fantasy Gifts
454 Reviews
Fantasy Gifts
If you want a skull, here's one to look at.

Gothic screaming skulls

Are you looking for something to scare your socks off? How about these screaming skulls on death mountain? A total gothic vibe can be created easily just with this product. This handpainted polyresin skull will make the entire place spooky.

Place it in front of a haunted house entrance or your room for a gothic theme. It’s a perfect Halloween decoration to scare the trick-or-treaters.

Screaming skulls
116 Reviews
Screaming skulls
It's great for Halloween.

Mushroom backflow incense burners

A cute mushroom burner can pucker up your room instantly! Here are some options.

Red mushroom

A cute mushroom with stairs for smog to fall through inside. It is ideal for any kid’s room, nursery, or play school. While creating a visual effect that will dazzle your kid’s eyes, their senses will also be enlightened by the aroma that is secreted.

It also makes for a perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays, or baby showers.

Cute Mushroom
268 Reviews
Cute Mushroom
It's perfect to create a natural feeling.

Family of mushrooms

For those who can’t get enough, here are many mushrooms together. A larger mushroom lets down the waterfall onto smaller ones, creating a fascinating scene. A mat, a pair of tweezers as well as 30 cones, and 50 sticks are also included.

You can imagine your kids playing with the smog on this one. It can also be a cute playroom or living room accessory. Your guests will be having a hard time not ordering this for themselves!

Zvaiuk Mushroom
30 Reviews
Zvaiuk Mushroom
Who said you should only have one mushroom?

Crystal backflow incense burner

A crystal ball might not be able to foretell your future, but it can surely brighten your present. Here are some examples.

Crystal healing tree

A lovely sight is created when this Japanese crystal tree is surrounded by smog. The amethyst decoration is perfect for a zen zone and radiates positive vibes into the environment. It comes in several gem options like rose quartz, malachite and amethyst.

Place it on your windowsill or in the corner of your living room to let the magic begin! It will look radiant beneath a lamp when all crystals are lit up.

Money Tree
388 Reviews
Money Tree
Who wouldn't want a money tree?

LED crystal cave  

A resin cave that features three crystals with a backlit LED mechanism. Enthrall your guests with this mystical vibration created when the smoke falls from above onto the crystals. Ideally, it should be placed in a dark corner to enhance its effect. A corner of the living room, a side table in the bedroom, or a shelf in the study are wonderful locations to keep this.

7 Reviews
We love these crystals!

Fairy backflow incense burners

Fairies aren’t just for kids! Here is the proof in the form of the most awesome displays.

Chinese style

A graceful fairyland is created when this product is lit. A gorgeous LED light ring makes the whole fairyland light up and makes for an elegant sight. The fairy sitting on the pedestal beneath the tree looks even more aesthetic when the smoke engulfs her. Keep it as an accent piece in the center of your living room, and be entranced by its enchanting effect.

1 Reviews
It's so soothing.

Adorable fairy

Featuring an adorable fairy sitting on a mushroom that is the perfect gift and a decor piece to own. Kids and adults will enjoy the backflow as it exits through the resin stairs.

Keep it in the kid’s room, study, or garden next to the gnomes! It will create a wonderful aura no matter where it is placed.

How to use a backflow incense burner

You will need incense cones for this kind of burner. These cones have a hole at the bottom. You simply need to hold the cone with a pair of tweezers or your nimble fingers. Take a lighter and light the pointy end of the cone. Once you see a glowing ember, put out the flame by blowing on it. The smoke should be exiting through the hole at the bottom.

Align the cone’s hole with the burner and place it lightly. Witness the magic of the backflow.


Here we answer some of your common queries about incense.

Can you turn regular incense cones into backflow?

Yes. Take the regular ones and grind them down into a powder. Use some water to make a putty. Now shape them into cones and drive a nail or drill bit to form a hole at the bottom. Leave it out to dry and use as you would.

If you already have a cone, drill the bottom with a drill machine to make a backflow.

How long does a backflow incense burn?

They usually burn for about 10 to 15 minutes. You can double the effect with dual cones in some burners, but that is subject to the type of burner.

Do backflow incense burners smell good?

Surely! Especially those with natural ingredients. Plant-derived and chemical-free incense are best known for its aroma.

Why won’t my backflow incense burner work?

The hole beneath the cone may be blocked. Align it with the hole after unblocking the hole with tweezers.

The cone may have accidentally blown out. Relight it and watch the smoke flow.