Best air fryer microwave combo in one & reviews

Microwaves have been around for long enough for every generation to know what they are. Air-fryers are relatively newer but what’s newer is a combination of the former and latter. Yes! Such an innovation exists, and we’re here to tell you whether it deserves a place in your kitchen or not! Hop onto the ride. We’ll give you all the details of the best air dryer microwave combo in one and reviews that’ll tell you even more.

air fryer microwave combo

The Top 3 air-fryer microwave combos

  1. Best luxury pick – The Breville Combi Wave 3-in-1

One of the best we’ve seen in this magical appliance. It’s called a fast combi for a reason- the convection and microwave functions combine to cook your food to perfection. The Smart functions are aplenty. They will Smart cook, reheat and defrost your food. We tried the frozen pizza, and it wasn’t a wet mess like you’d expect. Instead, it came out crispy and cheesy like it was made at home. You’d think one out of all the many functions must be average. But we tried the air fryer, and it made our fries sizzling and crunchy. It’s great for baking too! We think it’d be a perfect match for large families with frequent snacking.

  1. Best Value pick – Toshiba 7-in-1

Ever seen a microwave with a yogurt-making function? The Toshiba microwave-air fryer combo has much more to offer too. You’ve got the powerful 7 combinations. Take a look at it! We were tired of eating half-heated food. But when we tried reheating and defrosting in this beauty, our Mac n cheese and pizza pockets were heated to perfection. We weren’t surprised by any frozen bits in the middle. The auto menus were great for quick cooking. The 27 recipes that came with it were a great touch.

402 Reviews
Our value pick.
  1. Best Cheap pick – Beelicious combo

Who would’ve thought you would get something at this low price? It’s an air-fryer as well as an oven. That’s right! We had chicken nuggets and pizza. Both were the right texture for their food category. We were pleasantly surprised that a medium-size pizza fit into this thing at all. It’s almost like Doctor Who’s phone box! The crumbs left behind from the chicken nuggets were easier to clean than we thought though. The detachable crumb tray helped deal with that. The temperature is controlled through easy-to-understand knobs, and it’s better that way for newbies.

1,352 Reviews
Here's a great, cheap option.

Runner Up – Ninja DT251 Foodi 10-in-1

Truly a ninja at its best! This is no regular convection oven or air-fryer. It heats food with ten times the power of a traditional convection oven. But it does much more than that. This 1800-watt appliance can bake and broil. It can also toast and grill. It can reheat, air-fry, roast, and air-roast as well. You heard that right! It’s not just all that which made it qualify for the Runner Up in Luxury Pick. It’s the full convection feature. No rotation required during roasting and baking? Sign us up! We tried some basic frozen dumplings for the air-fryer and a chicken for the air-roaster. There wasn’t anything that signaled the food didn’t come from a traditional fryer or oven. A ninja at its best!

Ninja DT251
10,325 Reviews
Ninja DT251
Good runner up option.

Runner Up – Galanz 3-in-1 Speed wave

Truly a marvel with 3 multifunctions! Something that’s at this price will surprise you with its versatility. It made us juicy frozen dumplings and reheated our food well. We tried a round of roasted veggies. The snap and juiciness were intact, and we loved that! We liked how the size was tiny but handled a lot of different functions too! It didn’t take up too much space on our countertop and was relatively easy to clean. Not bad at all, at this price! There are also other options if you’re looking for something fancier in the Galanz range. Their over-the-range Microwave air fryer combination is also quite popular. It has superb convection and amazing sensor technology that blew us away.

1,066 Reviews
Galanz has a lot to offer.

Runner up – Nuwave Brio Smart Solution

Forget about your defrosting worries. You can cook even frozen items to a crisp with this marvel. We were in awe of the digital mechanism that was super-easy to operate. We tried our hands-on 100 preset menus to check how viable they are. Turns out you needn’t worry about undercooked or overcooked food. The internal temperature of your food is measured, and that’s what will keep it from burning. Considering its rating and price, we would think it would make for a great wedding gift.

9,734 Reviews
NUWAVE is a good contender.

What are air-fryers?

This modern-day convection oven claims to give your food the effects and taste of deep-fried food without any oil. About 40% of US homes had one by July 2020, so we’d imagine the numbers are even greater now.

air fryer

But why is that?

It’s healthier. You get fried food without the extra oil. Junk food is essentially all centered around deep frying in oil. Take that part away, and you have a healthier option at hand. Air-fryers do just that. They use a heating mechanism that surrounds your food with high convection heat until it is cooked to a crisp.

What is it good for?

It’s great for all types of frozen food like chicken nuggets and other quick bites. But you can also get creative with it. The first thing we tried was to roast some vegetables in the fryer with a little seasoning. This makes for a perfect side to your dinners. That was just the beginning. Soon, we started cooking the full dinner in the air fryer too. A whole chicken is so much faster and tender in the air-fryer. However, you might have to consider the size of the chicken and if it’ll feed the entire family. Reviews suggest that you can make delicious doughnuts without frying them and getting into an oily mess. We can’t wait to try!

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What is an air-fryer microwave?

You might think a microwave alone might be limited in usage. The same goes for an air-fryer which is only good for crispy, fried food. But put those two things together and see what happens. You get a multi-functional appliance that cooks almost everything. It can roast, broil, fry, heat, bake, toast, and much more! They have features like a preset menu, which means no researching what temperature to cook.

What are the benefits of air fryer microwave combos?

air fryer and microwave in one

Let’s take a look at why this could be the right fit for you:

1. The money you save

There’s no telling how much a traditional oven could cost to set up. To buy a microwave with great convection is one thing, but to get multiple functions along? That’s an unheard story. Air-fryer and microwaves have come together to save you tons of money on the deep fryer and a microwave. You won’t be needing 3-4 different appliances in one house. The money you’ll end up saving could pay for other kitchen renovations.

2. The healthy food you eat

Air-fryers can make food with little to no oil. All that junk you stayed away from? Yes, it can be eaten healthily. With a super-effective convection system, the air-fryer can heat up well inside the food and give a crisp like no other. Enjoy amazing food without thinking about the extra calories. You can use other options like roasting and grilling healthy vegetables in minutes.

3. The tough cleaning you skip

Customer reviews and our personal experience tells us that these beauties are much easier to clean. Traditional ovens are back-breakers when it comes to hygiene and cleaning. You can skip the squatting and awkward postures to scrub away marks easily. In some cases, you can take out the glass plate and just wash it with soap and water like regular dishes.

Hamilton beach air fryer

4. The space you save

The countertop space that comes when you replace four appliances with one is truly miraculous. Now place your favorite mugs on display or have some more space to cook and prep your meals. It may not seem like much. You’ll feel the difference when you visit a home with a toaster and microwave all stacked in the same kitchen. Space may not be an issue if you have a large kitchen, but isn’t it preferable not to have your kitchen look like a yard sale?

What are the disadvantages?

You should know about some downsides before you get carried away with this invention.

1. The cost

You will be spending a lot on this appliance if you’ve already got a microwave or air-fryer in the house. There are some budget models, but quality models are above $100. You should either try selling your previous products to acquire the cost of the combo appliance. Maybe consider waiting it out until you have the budget for it.

2. The time

Rumour has it that air-fryer microwaves might take longer to cook food than regular microwaves. But the overall cooking time is less than a traditional oven.

Even with our list of the best air fryer microwaves combo appliances, it can be confusing to choose the best fit for your kitchen. Take a look at some factors you should consider before buying:

How to select the right microwave air fryer combo?

  1. The size

    You won’t need to think much about this one if you’re a lone wolf or a couple. You can buy a small model and stick to it. You’re going to have to think twice with large families. Larger portions mean more cooking room.

    You’ll want plenty of room if you want to roast a good-sized chicken for dinner or a bake a lasagne for a get-together. The biggest models are in the range of 2 cubic feet. You should be fine with 0.6 cubic feet if you’re only cooking for one or two people.

  2. Power

    The wattage will tell you how much power the appliance will be using. Wattage will increase as the features would get more sophisticated. More multifunctionality will lead to a higher wattage. A Breville wave combo 3-in-1 will take up 1400 watts.

    With pre-set menus, you will have a range of dishes to choose from. Some will require a high voltage, and others will require less.

  3. The functionality

    There are numerous kinds of combo appliances out there that have a splendid amount of functions. Some can toast and air-roast, while others will do even more. Which one you choose will depend on the appliances you already own and your cooking habits.

    Some people still prefer to roast and bake in traditional ovens but leave the rest to a microwave-air fryer. Then you will only require a 3-in-1 and not an 11-in-1 like the Calphalon Performance Combo oven.

  4. Cost

    Something small for a couple or a single person would cost as much as $150-$200. Something extravagant with more than 10 functions would cost up to $500 or more.

    This is where you choose between the level of innovation you require for your family and then decide if the cost is worth it. You’ll be spending upwards of $250 anyway if you have a large family because you’ll need more portions and more cooking room.


Let’s take a look at some of the most burning questions people have about microwave-air fryers. Check out our article on kitchen stools as well.

Is there a microwave air fryer combo?

There sure is! This unique innovation combines the power of convection with the power of microwaves. Microwaves were limited to reheating and a certain number of preset menus. But even with those functions, we found ourselves eating cold or raw food.

That’s why this innovation matters so much. The power of convection makes sure your food is thoroughly cooked and reheated, and fried to a crisp. Some models offer up to 10 functions in one. This means you’re looking at toasting, grilling, roasting, broiling, frying, steaming, and baking all in one product!

Are microwave-air fryer combos worth it?

This innovation might not be worth your money if you’ve already got individual appliances like air-fryers and microwaves or grillers in your home. The cost of replacing them with one might defeat the purpose of cost-cutting.

But if you haven’t got even one of these appliances, investing in this combo could be worth your while. It could also be the right fit for you if you just bought a new home. Maybe you can’t afford to set up a new kitchen with a traditional new oven. Just buy this combo and spend the saved money on some kitchen counter chairs instead!

Can the power XL air fryer replace a microwave?

You sure can, and it might even work better. If you’re only using the microwave to reheat foods, your air fryer can do that just as well with its high-powered heat. But suppose you’re cooking other things like chicken or pasta in the microwave. In that case, it might be better to work for a microwave air fryer combo appliance than a regular air fryer.

Is a microwave air fryer Combo worth it?

It certainly might be worth it if you’re setting up a new kitchen and want the most functions at the least cost. There’s no point in buying a replacement if you’ve already got a microwave and air-fryer.

Does the Breville combi Wave 3-in-1 toast?

It sure does! It even bakes great brownies and cakes without comprising any frozen snacks you might have thought to cook. It has an Element IQ smart system that makes it easy to drive the heat where it’s needed the most. This feature makes it easy to perform so many functions in one appliance.

Is a convection microwave oven the same as an air fryer?

Convection microwaves are different from air fryers. But they can also fry foods and lead to similar results. You will prefer the microwave to the air fryer if you want more cooking room. But you should know that air fryers will still cook faster than convection microwaves. Both microwaves and air fryers will still cook faster than a traditional oven, no matter which appliance you choose.

What are some good brands of Microwave-air fryer combos?

There are new entrants into the kitchen appliance market every day. But Toshiba, Calphalon, Breville, Beelicious, GE, and NuWave are some of the most trusted brands. They have indeed made their name in the kitchen appliance industry with their innovative design and trustworthy service.

Are air fryer-microwave combos hard to clean?

Customer reviews and our personal experience both suggest that they are easier to clean than any age-old traditional oven. This is since the cooking area is less. In most cases, you can get away with wiping the glass plate or taking it out and washing it with soap and water. It’ll take you half an hour tops to clean the whole appliance, even if you choose to cook messy.