Best affordable wedding ring sets for men & women (& which to avoid)

Finding the right person at the right time is nothing short of a miracle. You’d think with a population of 7+ Billion, finding one person that understands and supports you wouldn’t be this difficult. However, it takes people ages to commit to a relationship finally. So when that big day inevitably comes, you’re prone to spending more than your pocket allows. We fully understand the emotions, but we suggest taking a practical approach to certain aspects of your wedding. 

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For instance, the wedding ring symbolizes a new beginning. But does it have to cost the equivalent of a car? You may not like to hear it. However, the years-old tradition of exchanging diamond rings is nothing short of a marketing approach to increase the sales of natural diamonds. However, we don’t wish to dull your romance. Instead, we suggest an alternative that fulfills both traditions and doesn’t bankrupt you.

You may think we have discovered a treasure chest filled with jewels and diamonds. But unfortunately, we have great insight into the best affordable wedding rings on the market for men & women. So in the spirit of true love, let’s find you the perfect match. 

Lab-grown vs. real diamonds

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Diamonds have held the position of one of the most precious stones in the world for multiple centuries. But you will be surprised to find it’s not the exquisite shine or the complex structure of the stone that makes it so expensive. Instead, the difficulty with which they are mined determines their cost. The harsh conditions fully justify the price tag. But if you could make it easy, the price would fall drastically. 

Building on that idea, scientists discovered a way to make the same structure in a laboratory. With no difference in composition or style, lab-grown diamonds quickly rose in popularity. Now you can get your hands on diamonds just as exquisite for half the price. They provide an additional benefit of dismissing any ethical questions you may raise.

Wedding band sets for women

JS Jewels 1.5 Carat Diamond Engagement Trio Ring Set

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but they’re not the most practical option. Women like being proposed to in a grand gesture with a big diamond. However, they’d rather wear something light on a day-to-day basis. To help you out with this dilemma, we recommend the trio ring set by JS Jewels. 

It contains a gold-plated sterling silver engagement ring with a cluster of medium-sized stones in the middle. Additionally, smaller stones are placed along the circumference of the circle. To make your everyday life more accessible, wedding bands come in a comfortable fit. The woman’s band is a thin ring with stones along the circumference. The man’s band is slightly wider than the woman’s, almost twice the width. Its design contains an additional layer of matte-finished silver. You’re offered a complete set at the total cost of $169. We doubt you’d find another offer this generous.    

jsjewels 1 1/2 Ct
We think this design is impecable.

Peora Moissanite Classic Halo Engagement Ring and Wedding band set

Extravagance often comes at a cost too high to bear. But if you’re ready to pay the price, we’ve got an alternative to make your life far more manageable. The engagement and wedding ring duo by Peora retails at around $180. The ring is celebrated for its exceptional design and the use of the most challenging stones to handle. 

The Moissanite stone is known for its strength and durability. Placed in the center, the stone is cut to reflect high quality and color. With both the engagement ring and the wedding band covered in white cubic Zirconia, luxury is possible at a much lower cost.        

Peora Moissanite Classic Halo
6 Reviews
Peora Moissanite Classic Halo
It has the right amount of bling to it.

Cheap bridal sets under $200

Gemini Engraved Gold Colored His and Her Set

Writing your lover’s name on a stone may be a romantic gesture, but we’ve something far more permanent and intimate. The Gemini gold-colored couple rings can be engraved to tell the story of your love. You can imprint anything from the date of your first kiss to your partner’s name. All you have to do is write the engraving requirement in the box when you place an order.  

Apart from the option to wear your lover’s name around your fingers at all times, the quality of the metal used is equally impressive. The duo set is made using Titanium which is colored rusty gold. For less than $100, you can own a jewelry item that stands as written proof of your love. Declaration of love has never been more affordable.  

118 Reviews
It's a great option that won't break the bank.

Dazzlingrock 0.15 Carat Round White Diamond Trio Wedding Set

Walking with the crowd may seem like the safer option. But choosing your path makes you stand out. In times when all couples go for a gold ring set, you should try out the bright sterling silver with the white diamond combination. For less than $160, you score a trio wedding set. From a regal-looking engagement ring to simple yet stylish wedding bands, Dazzlingrock ensures every penny spent is justified. 

The 0.925 silver engagement ring showcases an outward-protruding white diamond at the center. As for the wedding bands, their design is subtle. It offers a silver textured surface with three small-sized white diamonds forming a neat arrangement. If you want to adopt simplicity and extravagance, there’s no better option.   

Dazzlingrock Collection
14 Reviews
Dazzlingrock Collection
It's great for engagements.

Cheap wedding rings under $100

Amazon Essentials Platinum Plated Sterling Silver

Buying a platinum ring for your partner may show that you’re not afraid of spending a few extra bucks. However, purchasing a platinum-plated ring shows you’re dedicated to making practical decisions. Life after marriage comes with high costs. Only if you operate rationally, you’ll be able to raise a family in decent living conditions. 

The ring is nothing short of perfection. Its reflective silver color will give you a double look to ensure that it’s a cheaper metal. The frame is made of 0.925 sterling silver plated with a thin layer of premium platinum. It features a collection of about 25 zirconia round crystals of 2.95 carats. It replicates an authentic diamond’s look so well that no one will ever believe it’s not the real deal.

The design is a traditional all-around pattern that embodies luxury without going overboard. It measures 1.4 grams, which is the ideal size for a ring with a delicate design. For less than $20, you can get your hands on a stellar ring with a fancy small box. We assure you there’s nothing more romantic than practicality.    

Amazon Essentials
5,281 Reviews
Amazon Essentials
You can get something classy without spending too much.

Amazon Collection Sterling Silver Diamond Band Ring

It’s often said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. But lately, only items with a hefty price tag are seen as exquisite. We introduce you to a ring that will change your perception of what luxury means. It may not cost you an arm and a leg. But with this ring on your finger, you’ll be a regal sight. 

The sterling silver ring may look delicate, but we assure you, the ring carries the strength and durability of steel. It weighs 1.12 ounces and is wide enough to cover 5 inches of your finger. Before we get to the excellent diamond placement, we need to dedicate a moment of appreciation to its intricate design. 

Different geometric shapes come together coherently to form a dramatic look. The white diamonds on the ring are carefully placed to complement the delicate design. With less than $60, you can make the promise of a lifetime. All you need to do is ensure it lasts as long as your marriage is regularly cleaned with a gentle polish. The ring won’t betray you if you keep it out of contact with harsh chemicals.    

Amazon Collection
3,496 Reviews
Amazon Collection
It's a beautiful and intricate design.

Cheap men’s wedding rings

Peora Men’s White Gold Wedding Band

Perora’s white gold wedding band will be ideal if you’re a traditional masculine jewelry fan. It may not feature an intricate design. But even in its simplicity, it will shine above all. 

The 14k white gold and 0.925 sterling silver ring is handcrafted to perfection. You’ve ensured unbreakable strength and an ultra-modern design with the mixture of two metals. For less than $400, you can score a comfortable ring that you can quickly wear all day long. It’s 7mm wide and comes in a signature velvet ring box. 

This white gold ring is the perfect companion on days you feel like making a statement without being too flashy. 

Peora Men's
129 Reviews
Peora Men's
It's made of beautiful white gold.

Alain Raphael Two-Tone Gold and Sterling Silver Men’s Wedding Band

Men’s items are often overlooked when it comes to wedding shopping. Even when you find a band that complements your partners, it’s never as outstanding. However, Alain Raphael promises to change that. With its two-tone gold wedding band, you’ll be the talk of the town. 

Retailing at around $275, the design alone is worth every penny. A combination of 14k gold and 0.925 sterling silver is used to customize a pattern highlighting both metals in full glory. It elegantly sits on your finger at 8mm wide. The brand uses a high polish finish to ensure you don’t have to worry about the metal chipping away soon. 

Since the ring is made in-house, you can even place an order for a custom design and size. With this ring, your biggest worry will be overshadowing the bride. 

Alain Raphael
184 Reviews
Alain Raphael
Alain Raphael got something right with this one.

What to look for in a wedding ring

Suppose the price was the only determining factor when choosing a wedding ring. In that case, you could pick the most affordable option and be done with it. However, selecting a ring is far more complicated. So before you set out on a shopping spree, there are a few things you need to keep in your mind. 

Here’s everything you need to consider before purchasing a wedding ring:   

The budget

Starting with the most critical aspect of any purchase, the budget. If you settle on a price range beforehand, you won’t have to spend hours looking at fashion magazines. The typical rule of thumb suggests that you keep aside about 4% of your wedding budget for your rings. Once you have decided how much you’re willing to spend on the rings, you can move on to more challenging decisions.  

The metal

When you think of a traditional wedding band, you picture a ring made of gold. The age-old tradition of using gold to mark essential celebrations stands to this day. But as couples adopt a modern approach to their relationships, they re-think all practices. Whether it’s the woman taking her husband’s surname or wearing a ring made of yellow gold, the times are changing. With the entire world at your disposal, here are all the metals you can choose: 


Traditions allow us to remain connected to a world that existed before we inhabited it. Gold is a top pick for most couples to celebrate a classic choice. Apart from the aesthetic value of a golden piece of metal around your finger, the durability of a 14-karat and 18-karat ring is not to be undervalued. Additionally, the gold color complements clear diamonds and stones quite well. So if you’re planning to go a step further, you might as well go gold! 

Gold is a gift that keeps on giving. It remains highly valued and can also be found in a few other color options. You can always choose white gold if you’d prefer something less gold and more silver. It’s an alloy made of gold, nickel, and zinc. And if you’d like to make a statement with your ring, we suggest rose gold. It has a pink hue, which brings a certain softness to the metal. Even though it’s just as durable as traditional gold, it appears far more feminine. Gold is always a safe investment option regardless of the type you settle for.    


We’d all be swimming in precious metals and jewels if our pockets allowed. However, sometimes you have to settle for an option that may not be as extravagant but gets the job done. Silver is an excellent metal that you can purchase for a reasonable price. The only point of concern is that it’s relatively softer, making it more prone to scratches and damage over time. But if you’re willing to commit, the sterling silver alternative is just as lucrative.  


It’s no coincidence that we’ve placed Platinum at the bottom of the list. After all, the best option is kept for last. Platinum may be a high-priced metal, but every last penny is worth it. Since it’s naturally white, it’s devoid of silver’s flaws. With the luring beauty that Platinum radiates, you would want to go the extra mile. 

The design

Once you’ve all the ingredients in one place, all you need to do is combine them. This is where your style and aesthetic come into play. So far, you’ve made choices based on rationale and practicality. But choosing a design showcases what you find attractive. There is a wide range of styles to choose from. Whether you’re a fan of traditional techniques or modern takes, you’ll sooner run out of time than designs. 

The comfort fit is ideal if you want to go for an elegant yet simple design. It’s a thin band that seldom contains any stones or jewels. It may sound plain, but simplicity is a unique approach for wedding rings. Alternatively, you can go for a prong set band. It’s a modern design that incorporates small-sized rhinestones or diamonds at the top. The protruding stones are sure to catch everyone’s attention.  


Where can you buy affordable wedding rings?

If you have a trust fund that you can access, there’s no shortage of jewelry stores. But if you’re a common folk with a tight budget, there’s no place better than the internet. Instead of visiting different shops hoping to find that one ring, you can access a far more exhaustive database from the comfort of your couch. 

We’ve made it even easier by selecting the best options at a reasonable price. All you’ve to do is click on the links above. And if you like the design, you can click the ‘add to cart button. 

What is considered cheap for a wedding ring?

According to a study by Knot, it was concluded that most couples spend an average of $5,900 on an engagement ring. However, this price doesn’t reflect the more affordable options in the market. Typically, you can score a decent piece for around $2,500. But if you prefer to go even lower, several options are available below $1000.

How much should you spend on a wedding ring?

We understand that marriage is a life-changing event, but it shouldn’t start with a debt you repay over the next several decades. Instead, tread carefully with this decision. Surely you would like to flaunt a precious stone to mark the beginning of a new chapter. But it’s far better to adorn a design that didn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Besides, a more affordable option means a less breathtaking design. 

With an average one-carat ring costing around $5,000, your budget should be no more than this. With enough research, you may even find a piece lower than $4,000. But spending anything more than the average amount would be foolish and reckless. 

What does a 3-piece wedding set mean?

An engagement ring may symbolize the beginning of a new chapter, but wearing it daily isn’t too practical. Not only would you be worried about damaging the precious stone, but running daily errands can become a hassle too. Considering this inconvenience, the trend of 3-piece wedding sets has taken the market by storm. 

The set consists of an engagement ring accompanied by two wedding bands, typically a ‘her’ and ‘him’ design for you and your partner. The collection follows an overall style, where the wedding bands complement the engagement ring. If you invest in a trio set, you can tuck away the precious engagement ring in a locker. Wear the less extravagant band in your daily endeavors.