Bar vs. Counter-High vs. Standard stool Height Measurements (9 Examples & Guide)

Dining and drinking places should always be attractive. What better than bar stool and counter chairs to up your aesthetic game? But it can be confusing to order these online as you are unaware of the size and what looks best. Most users complain about heights that are too high or too low.

That is why we bring you the full info package about Bar vs. Counter-High vs. Standard stool Height measurements with 9 examples and a guide.


The biggest difference between bar, counter-high, and standard stools is their height measurement. Counter-high stools typically have height measurements of 24″-27″.

Bar stools typically have height measurements between 28″ and 33″. Standard stools have height measurements between 16″ and 23″. Examples of bar stools include the product from Leopard Outdoor but use the guide below to learn more.

In this article, we also cover the following topics:

  • Price ranges
  • Trends

Dimension and height of bar stool

bar stools

If you have set up a bar counter in your home or business, getting the stool height just right is important. Ordering short or too-tall stools can be awkward to sit on and won’t result in your guests or customers having a good time while they’re there.

You don’t want them leaving home with a backache!

The Counter height of a bar should be between 40-42″ while bar stools should be between 28-33″. Stools can also be of adjustable height to accommodate people with a larger or shorter height than the average.

Dimension and height of counter-high stools

counter-high stools

When you’re looking at countertops, it’s a slightly different game. It’s a different area that’s not just for drinks but also full-course meals. It should be an appropriate height for all members of the family and all age groups.

The appropriate height for all counter-high stools should be between 24-27″, while the countertop itself should be at the height of 36″. If you haven’t yet renovated the kitchen or breakfast counter, this is the height you should follow.

Dimension and height of standard stools

Now you won’t have bar or kitchen stools everywhere, so it’s also important to have a standard for the public domain. These include chairs for the office lunch table, school or university cafeterias.

A standard table would be around 28-30” high. The chair paired with it should be 16-23” high.

Types of bar stools

It may seem as simple as bar and kitchen stools, but there is more to it. Certain types are more suited to an environment or ambiance, and we bring you the full guide here.

  1. Bohemian

Also known as Rattan, these are constructed with bamboo or wicker fabrics. The natural fabric adds a boho look to your home and makes it eco-friendly. Plastic use is being replaced with more smart options like these.

The natural flex in the fabric and a cushioned seat make it a perfect combination of comfort and aesthetics.

  1. Folding

If space is an issue, foldable and movable options are the best suited for you. Just open up when guests arrive. Fold up and store in closet or garage after the party is over. It makes after-party cleaning even easier.

  1. Wishbone

You’ll need some room for this one, but it looks gorgeous! Crafted of wicker and wood, the legs and back frame are thin on this one. Buy it in a neutral tone like beige, brown, or tan, and pair it with a white counter to highlight it even more.

  1. Bistro style

These are also a commonly-seen product in most retail outlets. It features especially long legs and a simple chair style of wooden make. The rest of the frame is of iron or metal. It is comfortable enough for a meal or two but not for a whole night of chatting.

  1. Swivel

Modern stools in bars and pubs will have a swivel feature. This makes it easier for you to converse with your friends and other customers in the bar. Who knows what a little swivel and bar chat could lead to?

Some will have a backrest while others won’t. You can also keep a slightly padded or heavily cushioned seat.

  1. Adjustable height

You might have just constructed a bar area and paid little attention to the height measurements. If the recommended height is off by a couple of inches, you can correct this by buying a stool with adjustable seat height.

  1. Oslo

An Oslo chair combines contemporary interior design with luxurious comfort. It has a slight backrest and a single leg with a round base. It is accompanied by a footrest that is attached to the leg. The entire stool looks like a single uniform piece rather than having various parts.

  1. Bucket 

The most commonly used style in commercial eateries. It features a large backrest that is deep and curved like the inside of a bucket. These are well-padded and packed with cushioning. They can have either metal legs or wooden ones.

  1. Distressed metal

These are backless and come in metallic gold, black, silver, or copper tones. They are usually found in pubs and bars as part of large-scale seating plans. It is due to their obvious durability of metal and overall rustic look.

Best bar stools

After seeing all the types, you must be wondering which one is the best out of all. We have some of our favorites listed for you below.

Leather-like luxury

A perfect full leather-bodied stool for the bar. It’s highly cushioned and with multiple color options like mint green, orange, red, or neutral black and brown.

If you want an even more plush look, go for the velvet fabric in pink or grey.

It’s even suitable for an office sidebar for small office parties and gatherings.

BrandLeopard Outdoor products
Swivel 360 degree
Seat MaterialFaux Leather, foam stuffing
Dimensions16″W x 15″D x 24″-31.5″H
Chrome base diameter 15.15″
Weight limit250lbs
Leather-like luxury
11,713 Reviews
Leather-like luxury
It's great for a bar.

Classic retro

If you’re looking for something commercial for a new bar you’ve set up, this one takes the cake. It is perfect to increase the number of people at a bar because it takes minimum space.

Your turnover will remain high as people grab a drink and don’t get too comfortable because of a plush backrest. They’ll be heading out cheerfully, and you’ll have space for more customers soon enough.

The saddle seat is waterproof and covered with leather to make it easy to clean up messes that frequently occur when one has a drink. And the adjustable height makes it easier for everyone.

Because of the large round base, you don’t have to worry about scratching your floors or tiles.

We can imagine your guests swiveling and having a great time with their friends.

Traditional wooden

Before we had PU leather and plastic, we had the good old wood that lasted in a bar for generations. It is something of that accord.

A sturdy wooden frame accompanied by a 360-degree swivel is all you need to entertain and wow your guests simultaneously. The faux leather flame-resistant seat cover is perfect for accident-prone areas like the bar.

Don’t forget the superb capacity of 250 lbs! Almost 4000 customers can attest to its sturdiness and functionality.

Bar stools set of 2

A complete set of 2 stools is perfect for you, your partner, or your bestie to catch up over a drink.

Sleek Oslo

What you see is what you get in this product. An elegant evergreen combination of the Oslo style with padded grid cushioning. It’s got a footrest, a backrest, and even a swivel function. Topped with adjustable height features, this set of 2 is hard to match with any other.

Combine the white stools with a black counter or a black set with an all-white look. You can also go for a square pattern instead of a diamond to geometrically align with the rest of your interiors.

Set of2
Seat materialPadded PU leather
BackOslo, grid
Swivel360 degree
Dimensions19.9″D x 19.1″W x 36″H
Weight limit300 lbs
494 Reviews
A great set for two.

Royal Velvet touch

A royal touch is added when you simply add a velvet fabric into the mix. They complete the look when paired with wooden legs that are very sturdy. The channel tufting adds a nice touch of elegance.

We can imagine you sipping your margarita on the counter, looking your best! Can’t you?

Traditional wooden

20 Reviews
It's just a classy look.

Extra tall bar stools

Suppose you are looking for an exceptionally large bar counter. You’ll need matching chairs too. Here is a collection of the best extra tall bar stools we found irresistible.

Armless contemporary

It has a sleek retro design that can be accommodated in any theme. Hot stamping cloth fabric completes the look with a well-padded seat and backrest. The rich cappuccino color invites onlookers enticingly for a drink.

The swivel function takes it from there and makes socializing easy on your back. As the owner, you won’t have to spend more than a couple of minutes putting it together too!

The adjustable and super large height of 32-44” can be paired with even the tallest counters.


  • Swivel function of 360 degree
  • Modern yet retro look
  • Fit most counter islands without modification
  • Take only 5-10 mins to install
  • Good customer service


  • Too short without adjusting the height
2,431 Reviews
Beautiful swivel option.

Vintage touch

This visibly tall stool is a style in industrial style but with a vintage touch of upholstery. The metal frame is strong and promising and withstands up to 330lbs of weight. You can also go with the sleeker-looking grey round base with a channeled pipe backrest.

Pair them with a brown or tan counter and add succulents to complete the look.

578 Reviews
Industrial at its best.

Barstools with a back set of 4

For laidback Saturday evenings with your friends – you need a back on your stool. Here are some of our top choices in sets of 4. Because three’s a crowd, but 4 is a party!

Modern and convenient

If you’re the type of person to socialize a lot, this one is for you. It has 4 stools of modern making with reliable wooden backs and durable metal frames. You can even stack them at the end of the party when you’re done. The backrest is detachable if you’re looking to save space.

You’ve also got three different heights of 24, 26, and 30 inches available to match your counter. Metallic colors like gold, rusty, silver, and black make your bar area alluring.


  • Set of 4 gives value for money
  • Large seat which has a detachable backrest
  • Non-marking feet caps ensure floors aren’t scratched
  • Durable wooden and metal construction


  • Less comfortable seating for skinnier people
1,309 Reviews
They're also easy to clean!

Versatile and stylish

This stackable backless set of 4 is perfect for gathering friends, colleagues, or family. You can stack and unstack according to the party timings and they won’t even scratch your floors. Anti-scratch and anti-rust properties make them great for any kind of floor.

The stylish design makes it perfect for a bar, pub, home bar, or patio bar.

406 Reviews
Simple, yet beautiful.

Best kitchen counter high stools

Now that we’ve discussed all there is about bar stools, take a look at our best collection for kitchen counters. Caution! Some of these are hard not to order right away!

Abstract design

If you are someone who looks for a bit of artsy touch in their home, go for this beauty. An ultra-cozy sleek design of a swivel that is easy on the eyes and the user. You’ve got a footrest that adds to the ergonomic design.

Top it up with a marble countertop, and you’ve got yourself a great-looking kitchen. We don’t recommend this for kids, though!

201 Reviews
They made retro and brown work!

Highly rated

With over 22000 satisfied customers, this one could not miss being on the list. Its evergreen design and comfortable saddle seat are the major factors for such high sales. The Amazon Basics branding helps but of course is matched with a sturdy product too.

The wooden make means it’ll be around for generations before you get bored and give it away.

Amazon Basics
24,337 Reviews
Amazon Basics
There's no need to get fancy!

Counter height stools with backs

Having backrests increases relaxation during the de-stress time. Take a look below.

Simple yet luxurious

An Amazon Choice because of its simplicity. The wooden finish makes it easy to last for years on end. The faux leather pebble finish is a nice touch of elegance. Pair them with a counter of similar or contrasting colors to complete the look.

1,156 Reviews
We love the upholstered look.


This offbeat stool takes the cakes with its adjustable airlift height and easy swivel function. With the highly plush backrest, one can sit for hours in the end and chat over drinks and dinner.

PU leather is easy to clean and can even be used in pubs and commercial spaces. The rubber rings at the base prevent scratching of floors.

705 Reviews
You'll sit well on this!

Counter height swivel bar stools

The earliest forms of pubs and inns had simple stools and chairs. But now, the swivel and adjustable height feature have made socializing and networking over drinks that much easier.

Pristine white

An all-white beauty that has a 360-degree swivel function. A footrest and adjustable height make it easier for the user to balance due to the lack of a backrest.

The upholstery is resistant to oil wear and completely waterproof. Not even drunk friends meeting after long can harm your bar’s furniture.

Pair it with a black counter topped with a golden vase with a rosebud for a pop of color. Different colored decorative glasses will look great paired with a neutral tone like this one.

772 Reviews
It's stylish and white!

Wooden seated

A completely wooden seat with a strong metal base is exactly what we recommend for homeowners who want the furniture to last. It can take loads up to 300lbs and promises easy assembly as well.

The natural wood grain adds a nice boho touch to your home. Pair some wicker baskets on the counter with fruits and vegetables. You’re good to go!

Kidol & Shellder
209 Reviews
Kidol & Shellder
We love the wood!

Best standard stools

Here are our top recommendations if you’re not looking for anything too fancy, just your regular standard seats.

Cambridge style

A plush saddle seat with nailhead trimmed upholstery is what you need when you have nothing particular in mind but want your home to look exquisite. The wooden legs paired with matching faux leather effortlessly blend while adding subtle comfort to your home.

You can just imagine your kids lounging away on a Sunday while seated on this product.

Angel Line
13,412 Reviews
Angel Line
These are nice and simple.

Stainless steel construct

We do love the no-stress steel constructions that don’t have to be shampooed or vacuumed. Instead, simply wipe them with a cloth, and they shine like new. The cool and airy design makes this a perfect choice for indoors but doesn’t even think about putting it under the sun!

We can almost even imagine this as a perfect high chair for your kids!

34 Reviews
There's no need to overthink it.

30-inch bar stools

Specific requirements of 30-inch bar stools to match your counter can also be met. Take a look.

Industrial metal

Infuse vintage vibes in your bar or home with this 30-inch all-metal product. It comes in attractive colors like distressed white, gold, black and green-blue. It’s sure to make your bar area shine more than the rest of your house.

A detachable backrest provides the utmost versatility to use as desired.

1,693 Reviews
They get the job done!

Saddle seat

Thick cushioned saddle seated 30-inch stools to complete your dining and drinks area. It looks simple but has many features like an added footrest and a highly cushioned seat, making it easy to sit for long hours.

The seat can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, and stains don’t penetrate beneath the surface. This feature makes it kid and pet-friendly too!

1,070 Reviews
Beautiful PU leather.

Padded bar stools

You need comfortable seating in all places of the home, so good padding is a must. Here are some offers hard to skip.

Suited for anything

Here is Amazon’s choice for padded stools. It’s versatile enough to be used anywhere and doesn’t require much care. Place it in a garage, an office break room, a study, or your kitchen counter. The shiny chrome-plated legs make it hard to miss.

You can even place it in a doctor’s clinic for patients who don’t sit for long but must stay comfortable.

2,458 Reviews
It's classic and beautiful!


Looking for something with an antique touch? Here is an option with cherry walnut legs. Available in 24″ and 29″ sizes, you can use them in your bar, kitchen, living room, or study.

No assembly is required. Just unpack, and you’re ready to invite some company over!

Pair with other wooden furniture for a cozy antique home. Add some plants in woven baskets to finish off the look.

2,376 Reviews
You'll love the beautiful walnut.


Here are the top questions from users we have answered for you below.

What is the price range for bar stools?

Good bar stools will start around $40. You can go all the way up to $200 if you keep adding features like adjustable height and swivel functions. Good construction like wood, stainless steel, or chrome finish will also impact the price. Good upholstery, including velvet and leather, will drive up the price past $250.

What is the trend in bar stools?

The top trends in bar stools include grainy wood seats for vintage vibes. You can also go for the new translucent stools with a metal framework. Industrial stools are always around and never go out of style. If you want something contemporary and modern, go with a Scandinavian style like Oslo stools for a minimalistic but impactful touch.

Where can I find comfortable bar stools?

If you’re looking for a contemporary touch, may we suggest this one with an Abstract design? Check out this conventional Saddle seat or a Modern and convenient set of 4 to make it a party. A Royal Velvet touch would certainly take up the aesthetic by a notch in your home.

You could also review the article above for the most exciting suggestions for comfy bar stools.

What kind of stool is good for the kitchen island?

A wooden stool is great for a kitchen island. We recommend this Highly rated product that promises to stay relevant even with changing trends. A grainy wood finish is recommended either in the seat or the legs. If it’s got upholstery, stick to something that can be easily cleaned of food stains like PU leather.

What color should my counter stools be?

If you’re just now beginning to ponder upon the color scheme of your home, make sure you factor in your stools. The counter color should be contrasting to that of the stools. The floor color should also be quite different from the base of the stool.

The legs of the stool are placed right next to the countertop’s base. So these two colors should stand out on opposite ends of the spectrum. For instance, black metal legs with a white countertop base could be good.

You could do a complete 180 and do pops of color like mustard or red in an otherwise neutral kitchen.