10 mistakes to avoid with an 8 iron, including distance

If you are a newcomer or a first-timer, golf can seem complicated as it has many rules. Learning to play this sport is not easy. It comes with a steep learning curve, and the progress is gradual. With all the rules and regulations present, it is easy to get overwhelmed if you have never followed a golf match before.

The golf swing is a very complex movement, and you should expect to make a couple of mistakes if you are a beginner golfer. It is normal, and you will gradually get better over time as your skill increases. All the golfing legends struggled with the same thing when they started. However, their ambition and consistent effort helped them reach the top.

While trial and error can be a good teacher in golf, you can also gather some knowledge on the subject and learn from other players’ mistakes. This way, you can analyze them and avoid doing the same thing in the future. See below where we present you with 10 mistakes to avoid with an 8 iron, including distance. 

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Mistakes to avoid

1. Not practicing enough

Many beginner golfers are not satisfied with their performance. The best solution for them is to practice more because that is how a skill is upgraded. If you want to improve, you need to practice as often as possible. 

Spending at least an hour every week playing golf and working on your techniques is recommended. Focus on your driving range as well as working on your game.

2. Not playing with better golfers.

Beginners avoid talking and playing with better golfers because they don’t want to embarrass themselves. But these experts have been beginners at one point, and they are more than happy to give you advice and share their stories.

Suppose you want to become a better golfer. In that case, you need to understand the golf swing perfectly. An expert will analyze and advise you on your techniques and how to improve them. 

Suppose you are constantly playing with golfers that are better than you. In that case, you will improve your game at a subconscious level in order to match their performance.

Make sure also to check out this video. It has some great tips.

3. Expecting instant results

Big goals can motivate you to reach them faster, but unrealistic expectations will ruin your progress. Most people are used to instant gratification as things like social media or fast food deliver instant pleasure to our brains.

As a result, we get used to instant rewards and take this mindset everywhere we go. That is the main reason why most beginners quit playing golf. It is not an easy sport, and you might lack good results in the beginning.

If you want to improve, you have to practice and work to improve your game consistently. You have to understand that time is part of the success recipe. You need to be consistent with your efforts before you start seeing results.

4. Not carrying the right wedges.

Without the right wedges, you will have uneven gaps in yardage. It is generally accepted to have a maximum of 5 degrees difference in loft between each of your wedges. An even gap in the loft between each of them will reduce the gaps in yardage between the clubs. 

5. Taking a long time to hit the ball

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Many thoughts are racing through your brain as you stand over the ball. You are calculating your shot and want to make it perfect, as the golf swing is a very complicated maneuver. But if you take too long, you will lose focus and also create an inconvenience for other golfers.

There are some ways you can use to speed up your hit. By creating a pre-shot routine, you will play faster while improving your game. Stick to a specific routine every time you hit the ball, and your brain will be ready for the upcoming ones. 

Because the process is subconscious, you are getting ready for the shot without realizing it. This way, there is no room for second-guessing and moments of hesitation. You can also visualize the shot and pick a target, significantly improving the result.

Taking multiple practice swings is also annoying when done by another golfer. Most of the time, several practice swings do not improve your result. You might even get embarrassed if you hype the crowd to deliver a bad shot. 

If you take too many practice swings, you will also overthink. The pressure increases, and your pace slows down. That is why you should take only one or two practice swings or reduce them completely. 

6. Neglecting the short game


There are lots of shots that take place just within 100 yards of the green, and most of them are putts. The beginners would rather spend time hitting drivers on the driving range, but the short game is just as important. 

It is more satisfying to hit a good shot from a significant distance with a big swing. On the average golf course, you will have to spend most of your practice time putting green in your short game. 

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7. Sweeping irons

If you want to send the ball further, you must swing lighter. You also need to hit down on the ball to get it up in the air. Many beginners are doing the opposite and fail to hit the perfect shot. 

You have to hit down on the ball if you want to help it get airborne. When you do this, the natural loft of your club will help the ball climb the grooves and get launched into the air.

8. Failing to understand the basic etiquette

There are many rules in golf. While you can find them in the rulebook, there are also some general unwritten ones that you will find over time with more practice. Among the most common rules are:

  • mark your ball on the green if it’s in another player’s line
  • replace the flagstick if you put the ball
  • do not step on other player’s line
  • follow the dress code of the golf course
  • maintain a reasonable pace of play
  • the player that is farthest away from the hole goes first
  • stay quiet when other people are shooting and let them focus

There are many more unwritten rules, but these could be considered the basic ones. Follow them, and you will gain the respect of other players at the golf club.

9. Ignoring the basics of golf swings

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Many experts recommend their own techniques for the perfect golf swing. They might even sell courses and share their advanced knowledge of hitting the perfect shot. But all you have to do is look at the basics.

Many professional golf players win championships and tournaments by sticking to the basics. While it is acceptable to have your unique swings, your posture and grip should always be ideal.

The technical aspects of golf are complex and detailed. Beginners will often look at them and get distracted by these advanced techniques. Others focus on equipment and invest thousands of dollars into sophisticated clubs and irons. 

All you have to do is work on your posture and grip. Stick to the basics, and you will slowly improve over time with more and more practice. 

10. Choosing the wrong clubs

As you are just starting, choosing the best golf club for you might be difficult. There is a wide range, and sometimes you can get overwhelmed by the variety of choices. Most newcomers will purchase a specific golf club just because they saw a professional player using it. 

But professionals already gained their skills by hitting thousands of balls in their golfing career. Beginners will have difficulty using the same clubs as they have been manufactured for skilled players.

You should also pay attention to your club shaft. It varies by material, torque, and several factors that can significantly impact your game. Start with equipment intended for beginners, and as you gain more experience, you will be able to upgrade.

How to avoid hitting irons too low

A common mistake made by amateurs is hitting the irons too low. A lack of experience and low skill contribute to the occurrence of this mistake. However, beginners should not get disappointed when they fail to hit a good shot.

Try and learn from your mistakes and gradually improve over time. You hit the iron too low because you narrow the swing radius, taking the club back while letting the arms bend too much. The arms should not be locked, but you can maintain a straight posture all the way to the top. 


If you want to swing irons in golf, there are a couple of steps you have to follow to ensure a good shot. Do not skip any of them, as they are necessary if you want satisfying results. These steps are:

How to swing irons in golf

  1. Choose a good divot.

    The most important thing is to be able to control where the iron will contact the ball and increase the distances. You must eliminate all the fear of failure and practice taking divots over and over again.

  2. Know the shape of your shot. 

    If you know and predict the shape your ball will make in the air, you will gain a significant advantage over other players. Most of them will aim for a straight shot, but it is not always a good idea to shoot straight.

  3. Aim your iron club, face, and body.

    After finishing the first 2 steps, it is time to aim your club at your target line. Take into account the shot shape as well. You should find something in front of the ball to take as a reference. It can be a leaf, a divot, or a simple piece of grass.

    You also want to adjust your body and prepare it for executing a perfect shot. Visualize the ideal trajectory in your mind and remember the thought process whenever you repeat the shot.

  4. Trust the 8-iron loft.

    Some players believe that you need the help of a loft to get the ball into the air. However, the truth is that you deloft the iron on impact. If you want to create a lift and elevate the ball into the air, the backspin will be responsible for that. 


Why do I chunk my irons?

Chunked shots often result because of a low point, the lowest point on the arc of the swing. It is too far behind the ball and occurs as a result of the body bending too far forward. 

How far do pros hit irons?

On average, pros and skilled players will hit the 217 yards from the strike point all the way to ground impact. With 4-irons, they hit 208 yards. With 5-irons, they can land 199 yards on average.

What degree is an 8 iron?

Standard 8-iron lofts are 37 to 39 degrees.

What is an 8-iron good for?

An 8-iron is necessary for any golf bag. You can use it in many situations, ranging from 120 to 160 yards. This distance depends on your swing speed. Usually, the 8 iron is highly accurate. Ball position and stance are necessary things to consider for the perfect shot.

You should shift your weight onto the left leg, as this stance enables a vertical backswing. If you do this often enough, you will have a soft and ideal trajectory with a beautiful backspin executed with an 8 iron. 

How far does Tiger Woods hit an 8-iron?

On average, his 8-iron travels up to 158 yards with perfect accuracy and a soft landing. 

Being one of the best players in the world, Tiger has his own technique when he wants to add an extra 20 yards to his shot. He lowers his body right before impact and keeps his left leg straight, which allows his hips to clear faster. 

He values quality swings, and that is what makes him so skilled in this sport. His shots are always executed perfectly regardless of the conditions, with a perfect mind and body control. 

Tiger is well known for his incredible ability to reach par-5 greens in just two shots while easily outstanding his opponents. It is a special advantage that he has over his competitors, and it’s all a result of intensive training. 

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