The SAT says it will fight the “huachicoleros pirates” with legal reforms

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Due to the theft of fuels, the Treasury lost 23,000 million pesos in collection of import taxes that are charged to these supplies, says Raquel Buenrostro, head of the SAT.

The Tax Administration Service (SAT) concentrates its efforts with customs, and the Defense and Navy secretariats to combat huachicoleros groups and fuel smugglers that operate in Mexico.

The actions will be seasoned with “amendments to the law to strengthen fuel smuggling and huachicol.” These changes will accompany the fiscal reform that is being undertaken for this year, said Raquel Buenrostro, head of the SAT, in a meeting with deputies from the Finance Commission on Tuesday.

Tax revenues for the first quarter of 2021 are slightly down compared to the same period of 2020, not because of internal taxes, but because of the part of foreign trade, which just yesterday (Monday) by IEPS, especially automotive fuels, registered 23,000 million pesos less, Buenrostro explained.

This shortage is derived from smuggling and “from the huachicol that is the big problem for Mexico this year, the huachicol is in foreign trade because last year we found modus operandi that they stole in the Gulf, they took it out to the open sea, and then they returned it to put in with false import pediments, and they said that they had marketed it in the open sea in some other international companies, but with false invoicing ”, explained the head of the SAT.

“Before, as it was stolen fuel, it was convenient for them to pay taxes, now they don’t even pay import taxes,” added the official.

The public coffers have a very large void: “if we have a very large hole, it is an inter-institutional challenge, hence the Navy and Defense are participating, in the end it is very difficult for a civilian to rob such amounts,” he commented. the head of the SAT.

Last Friday, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador sent a proposal for changes to the Hydrocarbons Law, under the arguments of ending the licenses to import fuels, protect Pemex and eliminate the smuggling of fuels by those who have licenses for the import.

Hacienda presents economic pre-criteria

In a meeting with deputies, the Secretary of Finance, Arturo Herrera explained that on April 31 they will deliver to the Congress of the Union the General Pre-criteria of Economic Policy 2021, which is the first step for the design of the economic package.

The official announced that since last September the advance of the COVID-19 vaccine was not contemplated, the estimate for Mexico’s GDP may improve and approach around 5%, the September estimate for 2021 was 4.6%, and a range of 3.6% to 5.6%.

The SAT says it will fight the huachicoleros pirates with legal reforms

“Huachicol is the big problem for Mexico this year,” said Raquel Buenrostro, head of the SAT in a meeting with deputies from the Finance commission.



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