Search for missing person after boat crash continues (VIDEO)

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In total 6 people were injured and one man disappeared.

These are the first images of the damage suffered by one of the boats after colliding with another boat Monday night near Bear Cut in Key Biscayne, a total of 6 people were injured and one man disappeared.

Pete Sánchez, City of Miami Fire Department Spokesperson, said:

 “Two women four men who are six plus the one who is missing is a man too.”

After the collision that occurred at 7:22 p.m., one of the boats capsized. Six people were rescued from the sea including the captain of the other boat with a leg injury. All were transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital, while the search for a thirty-three man continued intense.

“Along with everything and the coast guard even the helicopters with the lights trying to shine as much as possible to see if we find him where they say they thought he fell,” said Sánchez.

However, despite all the efforts of Miami Dade rescue teams, the coast guard, and other agencies, the search and rescue operation was suspended on Monday due to the darkness of the night and the tides.

This Tuesday morning, helicopters and ships of maritime authorities continued desperately searching for the man whose identity has not yet been revealed. People who frequent the area, believe that the accident could be avoided.

Until now it has not been revealed, according to the investigations, how this accident could have occurred.

All efforts are focused on finding this thirty-three-year-old man.

Watch the video below …



Source: Telemundo51