Caches of cocaine and marijuana appear along the shore in the Florida Keys

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Illegal drugs continue to appear in the waters and on shore in the Florida Keys, the Border Patrol said.

On both Wednesday and Thursday, two area residents reported finding a package of cocaine on the shore of Islamorada. Each weighed about 1.1 kilograms, said Adam Hoffner, a spokesman for the US Border Patrol.

The bale was found Thursday near Founders Park, where Islamorada City Hall is located, Hoffner said.

On Monday night, fishermen on Lower Matecumbe Key found a package of cocaine weighing 2.4 pounds near milepost 78 on US Highway 1.

The first, In May, a boatman sailing near Marathon discovered a large sack filled with packages of marijuana that weighed 62 pounds.

In late April, several ship captains found a large bundle near Key Largo containing 25 packages of cocaine, weighing approximately 73 pounds.

On each occasion, the people who found the drugs called Monroe County Police, who turned the contraband over to the Border Patrol.

Caches of cocaine and marijuana appear in the water and shore in the Florida Keys


Source: el nuevo herald