A ‘sea’ of herring flood the coast and the locals grab them by handfuls (VIDEO)

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Local residents took advantage of this rare opportunity to effortlessly fill their buckets with fish.

Crowds of herring have appeared this Sunday on a beach in the southwest of the Russian island of Sakhalin, where local residents collected them with their own hands, local media report.

In the photos and videos recorded by witnesses, you can see the ‘carpet’ made up of hundreds of fish, some immobile and others in motion, that cover the shore, while some locals walk in astonishment among them.

Experts consider this overabundance of herring to be normal, which they attribute to the spawning of these fish, which come so close to the coast that the waves throw them ashore.

Local ecologist Dmitri Lisitsin, who posted some of the videos on Instagram, believes it is a positive sign, as it shows that the herring population is not in danger.

“It is normal, and in this case it shows that the herring population in Sakhalin and Hokkaido is starting to recover after a 70-year recession,” Lisitsyn said. He also specified that the fish are safe for human consumption.

To rule out the version of the environmental disaster, the specialists decided to take water samples. Meanwhile, the locals continue to go ‘fishing’ with buckets.

Watch the Instagram video below …


Source: Actualidad.rt