A group of them attack a sailboat off the coast of Spain (VIDEO)

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During this summer up to 65 interactions between ships and these marine mammals have been recorded, south of Cádiz.

A sailboat with four crew members was struck by a group of killer whales off the coast of Cádiz, Spain. The Marine Rescue unit reported that in the morning of Tuesday it received an alert from  a boat that lost control after the surprise encounter with the animals. The ship, which has been unable to reach the port of Barbate by its own means, had to be towed by the emergency services.

During this summer, up to 65 interactions between sailboats and mammals have been  registered, south of the exclusion zone decreed in Barbate by the Ministry of Transport to reduce events of this type, which most of the time have required the intervention of Maritime Rescue.

Experts explain that marine animals “are just playing”, however, the fright that sailors get is so great that some have even decided to sell their boats.

The organization of Conservation, Information and Study on Cetaceans (CIRCE) has already presented to the central government a plan with urgent measures to reduce interactions between killer whales and boats that have been repeated frequently in recent months, in waters close to the coasts of the Iberian Peninsula.

Watch the Twitter video below …


Source: actualidad.rt