Two white sharks feast on a dead humpback whale in the open sea (VIDEO)

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The investigators took the opportunity to mark the sharks, one of which was more than five meters long.

Images of two great white sharks feasting on a dead humpback whale are circulating on social media near Cape Cod in Massachusetts. The images were posted on the Facebook account of a boat excursion company. Tourists were amazed by the scene, reports the local press.

It is estimated that one of the sharks was more than 5 meters long. The researchers took the opportunity to mark some sharks in order to track them. Over the course of two days, eight sharks were spotted feeding on the whale.

“While it is sad to know that a species of a whale has died, documenting these events is essential for long-term studies of the cetacean population,” said the US Center for Coastal Studies, that it was possible to identify the whale, a one-year-old calf, but the cause of death is unknown.

Watch the Facebook video below …


Source: Actualidad.rt