Young man visits an aquarium and gives a violin concert to the inhabitants (VIDEO)

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Thousands of users on TikTok and Youtube highlighted the tender action of a young man because he performed a song to cheer up different animals.

An act of heart. There is no doubt that animals have conquered users for their occurrences and behaviours that are shown in viral videos posted on TikTok and Youtube. On this occasion, some belugas were delighted with the performance of a young man after he visited them at the aquarium.

That day, the artist went to the different enclosures that the animals inhabited. To each one, he dedicated a melody accompanied by his violin. This situation caught the attention of the workers, who took the opportunity to secretly record it with their cell phones.

However, there were some cetaceans that stood in front of him to enjoy the music. As can be seen in the images, they moved their fins from one side to the other and remained in the same place while concentrating.

The man was happy about the reaction of his ‘new friends’, so he continued playing his instrument. On the other hand, this emotional scene was disclosed in an account dedicated to animals on TikTok. In a matter of hours, it became a trend with more than 77,000 views.

Watch the video on Youtube below …


Source: La Republica