He found it almost intact inside a dead jellyfish on a beach (PHOTO)

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Some young fish usually take refuge from predators between the jellyfish tentacles, but in this case it seems that it ended up being bitten and swallowed by the jellyfish.

A man walking on an English beach made the strange discovery, a dead jellyfish what could be its last meal, a whole fish, that showed through its transparent belly.

The fish, whose species has not yet been identified, was found inside a compass jellyfish (‘Chrysaora hysoscella’), named for its brown V-shaped spots that resemble the lines of a compass.

Local photographer Ian Watkin told  The Daily Mail  that he stumbled upon the unusual sight during a morning walk with his dogs on a Cornish county beach on 4 August. “It is not something that is seen every day,” he told the newspaper.

As the Cornwall Wildlife Trust explained in a Facebook post, some young fish seek refuge from predators among the tentacles of jellyfish. “Unfortunately, this one appears to have been chopped up and became the compass lunch,” the organization added.

He found it almost intact inside a dead jellyfish on a beach1


Source: Actualidad.rt