A mother and her kids help themselves to other’s picnics at the beach (VIDEO)

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Bathers in California got a surprise at the beach when a mother bear and her cubs arrived to enjoy a picnic and a swim.

It was a woman who came to soak up the sun at Pope Beach in South Lake Tahoe, California, who filmed the scene.

Beach goers began to shout and yell at the bears, but they remained undeterred and focused on rummaging through what food they could find. “We thought to just let them be and let them go on about their business and allow them to leave on their own,” the source added.

According to Jen Watkins, the bear and her cubs grabbed a cooler to eat the food inside before venturing into the water.

“It was exciting! exclaims Ms. Watkins in an interview with CNN. The majority of those present were quite far from the bears. It was adorable. We weren’t at the zoo, but it looked like we were. “

This is not the first time that bears have ventured onto this beach. In 2016, a mother and her three cubs came to bathe there.

So much so that wildlife authorities are starting to worry that these incidents are on the increase. 

“We’re worried about seeing these videos because the more bears get used to being around humans, the more risk there is for a dangerous conflict,” says Peter Tira of California Fish and Wildlife.

Watch the viral Youtube video below …


Source: tvanouvelles