And just like that a sinkhole swallows a parked car (VIDEO)

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The moment in which sinkhole swallows a car parked in India would have been captured by the owner of the vehicle. It is presumed that there was a well in the place before.

One of the topics that has given the most to talk about in recent days is the appearance of sinkholes.

As we have been informing you in La Neta Noticias, a little more than two weeks ago, residents of a municipality in Puebla got a tremendous surprise.

It was in the community of Santa María Zacatepec, in Juan C. Bonilla, where the inhabitants witnessed an unprecedented event.

What initially began as a subsidence of five meters in diameter, today exceeds 126 and is around 50 meters deep.

Last week one of the issues that became very relevant around the Puebla sinkhole was the rescue of two little dogs that had fallen inside.

Unfortunately, what for many was great news about the tragedy, in a matter of days turned into something regrettable.

And just like that a sinkhole swallows a parked car

And it is that on Saturday, June 12 at dawn, the sinkhole of Puebla ended up swallowing the house of the Sánchez Xalamiahua family, who saw how at dawn only debris remained of what was their heritage.

As in Puebla, in other parts of the world subsidence has been recorded that has wiped out everything in its path.

Some of this was what happened in a hospital in Jerusalem, where a collapse ended up making several cars disappear . In this case, the moment when the huge hole absorbed everything in its reach, was captured on video.

Unfortunately the account does not stop there, because in Asia an event has just been registered in which a sinkhole swallows a car parked in India .

While this formation is nowhere near the size of the Puebla sinkhole, it drew attention to another detail.

Unlike what happened with the Israeli hospital sinkhole, which swallowed everything in an untimely and rapturous way, a car-parked sinkhole swallows in India , but with all the calm in the world.

After the video where the sinkhole swallows a car parked in India went viral, local authorities explained the causes of the formation.

One of the main factors that caused the formation on the ground, has to do with the presence of intense rains in the area.

Another aspect that arose in the case in which a car parked in India swallows a sinkhole has to do with the fact that previously there was a well at the site where the egg was made.

As reported by the neighbours, the hole was covered and asphalt was laid on top; however, it appears that it was not well filled.

Although the car can practically be declared a total loss, the good thing about the event where a sinkhole swallows a parked car in India is that there was no person on board, so the damage was only material.

This is the moment when a vehicle ends up disappearing underwater:


Source: La Neta Noticias