Shooting a Fishing Video She Sees A Woman’s Corpse Floating In A Port (IMAGES)

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A surreal scene arose last week as emergency services were called to a scene of reports of a woman’s corpse floating in a port. 

In fact, people who were near the docks in the port of Hachinohe (northeastern Japan) saw the body floating in the water.

Without further ado, they contacted the paramedics, who quickly arrived on the scene, accompanied by police and firefighters, we can read on Kotaku.

YouTuber Natsuki Tanaka was on hand to shoot a fishing video and she witnessed the events.

“While I was shooting a fishing video, I thought that a human corpse was floating and it in fact was a sex doll!” said the young woman on Twitter.

“Then it seems that someone misunderstood and reported it to the police, the fire department. The emergency services came together so quickly that the woman was rescued and returned to safety… Oh, ”she continued, with a touch of humour.

The photos accompanying his publication indeed show a deployment of several emergency service vehicles, in addition to many curious spectators.

Another internet user, PowerSportsVoW, witnessed the strange moment when the sex doll was pulled out of the water.

Shooting a Fishing Video She Sees A Woman's Corpse Floating In A Port

Shooting a Fishing Video She Sees A Woman's Corpse Floating In A Port


Source: Le Sac de Chips