They swim up to the shallow shore with bathers on a Florida beach (VIDEO)

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In the video you can see how some people scream and others are laughing, while the fins of the sharks emerge from the water around them.

A group of bathers who on May 29 had fun in the shallow waters of a beach located in the port city of Pensacola (Florida, USA), got a good scare when several hammerhead sharks began to swim in their area, reports Fox News 13. The intrusion of the animals was filmed by an Alabama woman, Jacqueline Lesso, who was riding in a boat with her friends.

In the recording, you can see how some of the sharks circle before separating and swimming towards the coast. When sharks mingle with swimmers, some can be heard screaming and others are laughing, as fins emerge around them.

Lesso’s daughter was on a rubber raft with two other people when a pair of sharks passed directly  under her floating mattress. “Shut up,” the woman says when she realizes the situation, while her companions remain calm.

“None of the sharks were aggressive in any case and the screams were more of excitement than hysteria. A lesson learned to remain calm and quiet,” Lesso emphasized.

Hammerhead sharks, which live in shallow waters off Florida’s Atlantic coast, rank seventh for unprovoked attacks on humans, according to data from the local Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, USA Today details.

Watch the Twitter video below …


Source: Actualidad RT