Terrifying Creature from the Deep Ocean found on a California beach (Images)

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The species was already dead when they found it, and so far no one can explain how a fish of its kind made it onto the shore of the beach, since it lives almost a thousand meters below sea level.

Undoubtedly, one of the things that can surprise us the most is finding something we have never seen before. The story that we will tell you next is related to a species of the sea that is almost impossible to see. 

It turns out that a fish was found dead on the shore of a beach in California, and if you thought it was part of any species, you are wrong, since it usually lives a thousand meters below the sea.

Until now, no one has been able to explain how a fish of its type reached the shore, and for that reason alone many have considered this encounter to be something “unique”.

It all started when a bather was walking through Newport Beach, California , when he suddenly noticed something strange on the surface of the sand, and when he got closer he realized that it was a giant fish of black colour and unusual appearance.

The animal was intact, lifeless. Those who were near the place determined that it was a species that came from the depths of the ocean, so its finding was reason for it to go viral on social networks.

Based on the information available, the fish was found on May 7, and experts determined that it was a balloon fish or “himantolophus”.

Himantolophus are common in the deep waters of the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans . The female reaches 46 centimeters in length, while the male only reaches 39 cm.

This species lacks luminous colours, since in the depths the ocean reaches very little light, so its only defense is to imitate the colour of the water.

However, they have been endowed with a luminous appendage that hangs from their head to attract their prey and feed themselves, as if it were a fishing rod.

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