They find a GoPro camera a surfer lost at sea five years ago and the SD card still works (VIDEO)

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The images show the athlete falling into the water together with his device, after hitting a large wave.

A passerby on Wednesday found a GoPro camera lost by a surfer five years ago off the coast of the city of Berwick (England), after being hit by a strong wave,  reports  the SWNS agency. Despite spending so much time underwater, the device’s SD card was intact, saving images of the exact moment of its disappearance.

The video shows a group of surfers paddling their boards on April 23, 2016, joking about the cold water. “Jesus Christ, my nipples are going to  freeze !” Says the subject holding the camera.

The protagonist then covers a small distance before crashing into a large wave, which threw him into the water along with his device . The GoPro continues to record your subsequent ride for a few minutes until it shuts down.

The details of the find

It was stone carver Luke Batchelor who came across the find while strolling along the banks of the River Tweed near his home. Initially, the man  took the object for garbage , but noticed the device as he approached. “It was covered in mud and algae, and grime where the battery had corroded and leaked,” he said.

The worker purchased a card reader to view the preserved content and was able to scroll the files to the last record.

Following the discovery, Batchelor posted the recording on his Facebook account, as well as a photo of the owner of the device to try  to contact  him and return the device.

Watch the Facebook video below …


Source: Actualidad.RT