Octopus walks on two “legs” carrying a coconut (VIDEO)

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A viral video replicated in more than one social network shows an octopus carrying parts of the tropical fruit as a kind of refuge, although other experts believe that it only uses it as a tool.

Aware of their vulnerability while hunting for food, certain species of octopus demonstrate their intelligence by wearing coconuts as body armor. The viral video published in 2015 and that was recently replicated on more than one social network features one of these cephalopods carrying two pieces of the hard shell of the tropical fruit as protection while walking along the ocean floor on two of its tentacles.

Although scientists already knew about this curious behaviour, it was captured on video for the first time in 2009 by a team of biologists from the Victoria Museum in Melbourne, Australia, in the waters north of Sulawesi, Indonesia. For a long time, researchers believed that humans were the only ones who used tools, but it was soon discovered that other animals use objects to carry out various tasks.

Although there is no single definition of what constitutes the use of a tool, which an octopus to load pieces of coconut shell like the viral video on YouTube is an example of this as it is an indication that collect and assemble these parts thinking that they might need it in the future, but there are those who believe that it is simply an object with which they interact and modify their environment, reported National Geographic.

Whatever their purpose, for Julian Finn, the biologist who recorded the original viral video in 2009 , octopuses are “masters at manipulating and mimicking their environment” since, unlike other mollusks such as clams, they do not have hard shells to protect themselves from their predators, so they have to be more creative to survive by resorting to camouflage or shooting ink when threatened.

Watch the Youtube video below …


Source: Trome