Koi fish casually swimming along while she sits on his face (VIDEO)

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The recording was made by a photographer specialized in wildlife. The images he obtained are causing a stir on YouTube.

In social networks there are numerous groups of fans of koi fish breeding, domestic carp that are also known asnishikigoi. For that reason, the video that we are going to show you in a few moments is going viral.

In this recording, published on YouTube, you can see one of those aquatic animals carrying a frog on the tip of its nose. What is striking for many is that the fish carries the amphibian for a long time.

“It is something that is rarely observed. I think it depends a lot on the personality of the koi, which in this case seems to be an extremely peaceful and submissive specimen”, commented one user.

According to the description of the clip, uploaded to YouTube on May 20, the scene was captured by David Jenkins, a photographer specializing in the registration of wild animals, during a walk through a botanical garden located in the city of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Workers at that center reported, according to Caters Clips, that the frog had been sitting on the koi’s face long before it was seen by the audiovisual professional.

Watch the Youtube video below …

Source: Trome