Sea lion storms a pier and claims what he thinks is rightfully his (VIDEO)

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The cunning animal climbed up to a dock and took advantage of the abundance of food to steal one of the fish. The funny video is viral on TikTok.

They weren’t expecting it! A mischievous sea lion became the star of a fun viral TikTok video by storming a pier. The cunning mammal climbed the stairs of the port and stole a fish. The funny clip became a trend on social networks.

The funny clip was shared by TikTok user @ margaretmedina790, who recorded the precise moment when the animal appears swimming in the calm waters and suddenly jumps to the dock to try to get closer.

Although the fishermen in the area took the unexpected visit with ease, they were shocked when the intelligent animal walked in the direction of the fishing area and fixed his gaze on a container that had fresh fish from the sea.

Neither stupid and lazy, the sea lion fled with the fish in his snout, all before the surprised look of the fisherman who tried to cover what was left of fish. As if that were not enough, the mammal stayed a few seconds on the dock to finish eating its game.

“He says: “you have several and you don’t even eat them”, “He came to collect his quota”, “He came to recover what was stolen from his territory”, “He is doing quality control”, are some of the funny comments that are managed to read the viral video of TikTok.

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Source: El Popular