She records her little girl swimming at the seashore and doesn’t realize she isn’t alone (VIDEO)

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The little girl was swimming peacefully at the shore of the beach when it appeared.

They say that the sea must always be respected, not only for the immensity represented by its endless blue waters, but for all the well-known and not-so-known creatures at the bottom.

Can you imagine being quietly swimming on the shore of the beach and suddenly seeing a shark fin very close to you? Surely at that moment you would not know what to do, much less how to react, since any wrong move would put your life at risk.

Now, can you imagine the desperation of a mother to see that her daughter is being stalked by a shark?

Recently, a video on social networks went viral where you can see a six-year-old girl swimming peacefully at the seashore, when suddenly a shark approaches her.

The incident happened on the beach of Calama, in Kailua Hawaii United States, when Sheri Gouveia was recording her little daughter while playing by the sea, at first everything was normal she watched her daughter jump the waves while She was amused, and in the blink of an eye she noticed how her daughter was crying when she realized that a shark was approaching her. “Shark!”, you hear screaming on the recording. 

“I was filming her doing nonsense and suddenly she came out screaming out of the water and came to tell me,” the mother told KITV4 radio station, “to what came to me, I was hysterical. I was like, my God! I ran to where it was, I tried to look for him in the water, but I didn’t see him”.

Fortunately, the incident did not happen to adults, because when the mother came to help her daughter, the animal was gone.

For her part, the girl said: “I saw a shark. I didn’t realize I was behind him. When I saw him I wanted to escape, I was very afraid”.

From what can be seen in the video, apparently it was a blacktip shark, which is a species known to go out in search of food in waters near the coast.

According to scientists, even though the girl was so close to him, the truth is that it did not fit into their menu plans, since her main food is small fish.

Source: Los 40