Would you lick it for fun if you knew it could kill you? (VIDEO)

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TikTok users alerted the young man that it was a Portuguese caravel, whose sting could cause paralysis, heart attacks and in the worst case death.

Some young people do everything to get views and ‘likes’ on the popular TikTok application, to the point of putting their lives in danger. This is the case of Alexa Reed, a young influencer who has gone viral after licking a deadly exotic animal after mistaking it for a jellyfish.

Reed, who has become popular on TikTok for interacting, licking, and tasting exotic animals, picked up and licked a deadly Portuguese man-of-war, the sting of which could lead to paralysis, heart attacks and in the worst case death.

The young man thought that the exotic animal was a jellyfish, due to the similar appearance between the two, so he did not hesitate to make a video to share it on his social networks and thus get thousands of views.

“Yes, it is a jellyfish, look how big it is. And it’s still moving. Oh my God, I’m going to lick it, ”Reed is heard saying in the viral video, which has achieved nearly 100,000 views in less than 24 hours.

After its dissemination on social networks , users alerted the young man that the animal shown in his viral TikTok clip was not a jellyfish, but a Portuguese caravel, which was “ten times more dangerous than a jellyfish.”

One of the viewers described the lethality of the exotic animal that Alexa Reed had licked, warning that “its venom can trigger an allergic reaction that results in a swollen throat, heart problems and difficulty breathing while you suffocate, possibly to death.”

It should be noted that the young man was not attacked by the Portuguese caravel, but his life was in danger for a few seconds when interacting with the exotic animal, which normally has tentacles between 15 and 30 centimeters to catch its prey.

Watch the Viral TikTok video below …

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Source: El Popular