She experiences terrifying moment when she falls into the sea while paragliding [VIDEO]

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The tourist tried to fly alone over the beaches of Cancun, however, a wrong calculation made her plunge into the ocean.

A young woman on her vacation in Cancun, Mexico, became a trend on social networks after a video went viral on TikTok where you can see her fall into the water when she was flying over a beach in Quintana Roo.

In the video you can watch the moment in which the tourist was suspended in the air, when suddenly a sudden movement made her end up on the sea. As reported by the author of the viral video, it was all due to a miscalculation.

The young woman identified as Michelle Flores did not hesitate to talk about her experience on social networks, as thousands of users were concerned when they saw how she fell into the sea under the gaze of her guides and family.

“Yes, I’m fine, still recovering a bit and yes, it is deep because it was in free sea. I hurt my legs, but I did not break anything, “said the woman in the video to the curiosity of viewers.

The scary feat of the young woman did not take long to go viral, managing to obtain more than 47 thousand ‘Likes’ and more than 500 thousand reproductions on social networks. “With the first video I was scared, but with this I laughed, it’s all the fault of the audio,” commented one of the users on TikTok.

Watch the TikTok video below …

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Source: El Popular