Oblivious to the fire burning steps away from him as he calmly continues fishing (VIDEO)

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Online, an image has been recorded near the Sluch River, in Belarus and has gone viral on Youtube, in which you can see a man who is sitting at the edge of the water fishing, he remains completely calm and unbothered by a fire burning pretty fiercely in a field a few meters behind him. 

According to local media reports, four fire engines mobilized and managed to put out the flames. 

“Every year, the same fires appear, that is nothing new here,” the fisherman told a local newspaper.

Some of the BEST comments from viewers of the Youtube video were: 

“a fire for my fish, what more could I ask for?” 

“If he is Russian of course, most of them are not stupid, he has enough water nearby, what would he have to worry about, besides the food is not going to fish alone … there is no time for paranoia.

“The old man: they are all freaked out, when it’s nothing more than a small fire, let’s go!!!

Watch the Youtube video below