Her dad falls into the water with a huge creature and she doesn’t even realize it (VIDEO)

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The daughter, who was recording a video, took a few moments to realize that her father had fallen into the sea and was in danger.

On the coast of Algoa Bay, in southern South Africa, a man fell from a boat when he collided with a whale and was about to hit the jaws of the cetacean.

On April 3, Marino Gherbavaz, 51, was sailing with his family, observing a pod of dolphins, when a huge whale hit the boat. The man fell overboard just as the mammal opened its gigantic mouth in search of food, reports the Daily Mail. 

The entire incident was recorded on video by Gillian, Gherbavaz’s daughter, who was currently filming dolphins feeding on sardines. 

According to Gillian, the whale suddenly emerged from the water and crashed into the boat. Then he opened his mouth, sucked small fish together with the water and almost swallowed the man. However, it took the girl a few moments to realize that her father had fallen overboard.

“When I realized that my dad was in the water, I panicked. I couldn’t understand why he was there,” said the daughter. 

Fortunately the crew of a second boat, which was nearby, managed to get the man out of the water before the whale emerged for a second bite of food.

Watch the incredible Youtube video below …


Source: actualidad.rt