Fisherman manages to record this jumping out of the water (VIDEO)

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The shark began swimming near the man’s boat after he used a bait to catch it.

Josh Lonergan, a seasoned fisherman, was out catching fish in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand’s north coast, as part of his birthday preparations on Monday, when he managed to film a four-meter-long white shark that He jumped out of the water, taking the hook.

The animal began swimming near the man’s boat after he used  bait to catch it. “At first I wasn’t sure if it was a bronze whaling [shark] or a white one, so I quickly brought my ropes, ” the fisherman told a local media outlet.

It is the first white shark caught by Lonergan in its long history. Previously, he has only managed to catch other types of sharks, unlike his partner who was able to catch a baby white shark last November.

On the other hand, the number of these species in the area is increasing, according to Lonergan himself, who has been fishing in the area since his childhood.

Watch the Facebook video below …