In Venice, we vaccinate … by boat!

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In these times of pandemic, we can hardly be more Venetian: for the whole day of Easter Monday, the oldest inhabitants of two islands in the lagoon are vaccinated on a vaporetto.

Transformed into a floating clinic for the day, one of those sturdy canal “buses” goes to meet people over the age of 80 who live on the islands of Sant’Erasmo and Vignole.

These islands do not have a vaccination center, and moving to another island can be complicated, especially for older people. If they cannot go as far as the vaccine, it was therefore decided that the vaccination would come to them.

This initiative “has a double objective”, explained the municipality of Venice in a press release. “It is a question of both getting people used to the idea of ​​getting vaccinated, and at the same time allowing older people, for whom transport can be difficult, to do so with a few not from home ”.

Italy, in the midst of the vaccination campaign, uses many public sites, and one can thus see in Naples the volunteers being stung under the gaze of the magnificent Princess Danae (naked) of Titian, at the museum of Capodimonte, while near from Milan, it is on the legendary Monza motor circuit, where the Italian Grand Prix is ​​held every year, that we come to be vaccinated.

In Venice, inside the vaporetto, a small table and chair are set up in a corner, isolated to respect privacy. Those who have an appointment wait on the shore, under shade cloths.

“It’s pretty cool,” says Mario Cavagnis, who has just received his first dose of AstraZeneca. “It’s a normal vaporetto, they just made a small clinic out of it.”

And how does he feel? “There, my arm doesn’t hurt. For now, everything is fine, ”he concludes with a smile.

In Venice, we vaccinate ... by boat!


Source: tvanouvelles