He buys a fishing boat to practice jigging fish and you won’t believe what he caught

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The two lucky fishermen from Cádiz who managed to get hold of this great fish by jigging still cannot believe it.

Andrés, a young man from Tarragona with a passion for hunting and fishing, decided a month ago to buy a boat to practice fishing in the waters that bathe the shores of the strait. For this purpose, he acquired a 5.90-meter-long semi-cabin boat which he christened Oju.

As soon as it was delivered, he bought fishing equipment to practice jigging fishing, which consisted of a Falcon brand rod, a Daiwa reel and a set of JLC vinyls.

On the first occasion that he was able to put to sea, he caught only one medium-sized snapper due to his ignorance of the seabed and fishing marks in the area.

A month waiting to go back to the sea

The prevailing bad weather and work did not allow him to go fishing again until last Friday, March 26. Andrés, who, like every day, finished work at 2:00 p.m., decided to call his friend Alex to enjoy an afternoon of fishing, since the sea was calm.

They left at 4:00 p.m. from the Port of Barbate towards the area chosen for fishing, Cape Trafalgar. After almost half an hour of navigation, they reached the chosen place. They slowed the engine to try to search, using sonar, for a rock at the bottom to cast their decoys.

They did not know any brand of fishing in the area

The first stone chosen after several unsuccessful casts did not spare them any bite. This made them change places. Luck smiled at them when they decided to stop the boat on a rock that was 50 meters deep 6 miles from the coast. As soon as the vinyl was thrown into the sea, while it was still descending, Andrés felt a large fish pull the 0.28 mm braided line from its coil.

Being in an area of ​​large predators, he closed the brake on his reel to prevent the fish from castling, relying on the 0.70 mm bottom line that he was using. More than 20 minutes of hard fighting were necessary to defeat the mere who defended himself bravely. Andrés cannot describe in words the emotion that came over him when he was able to see the predator in the water.

A dream come true

Without thinking, he grabbed the fish by the mouth to try to hoist it to the boat, causing several cuts to his fingers due to the teething of the predator’s mouth. Faced with the impossibility of being able to get him out of the water in that way, he grabbed him tightly by the guts and, not without great efforts, was able to carry him to the deck of the ship. At that moment, amid shouts of joy, he merged into a strong hug with his friend Alex. He had fulfilled a dream.

He buys a fishing boat to practice jigging fish and you won't believe what he caught

He buys a fishing boat to practice jigging fish and you won't believe what he caught

The fisherman proudly poses with the large freshly caught grouper in the waters of the Strait of Gibraltar.


Source: club-caza