These Two Become Pals And Enjoy Hanging In The Ocean (IMAGES)

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Through Facebook, the funny story of both animals was released, which have sympathized and captivated the hearts of thousands on social networks.

A seal and a small dog have become the new stars of Facebook due to the great friendship they have established. They both enjoy playing by the sea in Spain and are able to share their favorite toys.

It’s about Murphy and Tino, two animals that don’t mind belonging to different species if it’s fun. The owner of the canine did not miss the opportunity to record the precise moment that Murphy enters the water to meet his best friend.

The seal hands the hound a hoop, he returns to shore and the sea lion gets excited, flapping his fins in the water as a sign of happiness. The video of the animals has been viewed more than 11,000 times and has garnered thousands of comments.

“They are both adorable,” wrote one netizen. “The scene is surprising”, “It seems that there is chemistry between them”, “They seem to enjoy the games”, were other reactions on social networks.

There is no doubt that animals never cease to amaze humans for their great innocence and for the curious moments they give us, as happened with this seal and dog.

These Two Become Pals And Enjoy Hanging In The Ocean


Source: La Republica