He Creates An ‘App’ That Allows Ever Given To Run Aground In Any Corner Of The World (IMAGES)

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Social networks did not wait and there immediately began to appear photographs of the cargo ship in the most unexpected places.

Last Sunday, user Garrett Dash Nelson released on Twitter an ‘app‘ entitled ‘Ever Given everywhere’ created by himself and that allows the now famous freighter to be placed in any corner of the world, either in the middle of a highway or on top of a mountain.

“Why should only the Suez Canal have all the fun?” Reads the headline of the app. “From the comfort of your home you can have Ever Given stuck wherever you want.”

The program shows the ship in real size, but it also gives the option of making it much larger or smaller.

Social networks did not wait and immediately began to appear photographs of the freighter in the most unexpected places: in the Retiro park in Madrid, in the Panama Canal, at the Burj Khalifa fountain or crossing the Atlantic as a bridge between America and Europe.

The MV Ever Given freighter, weighing more than 220,000 tons and 400 meters long, ran aground on March 23 in the Suez Canal, blocking one of the world’s busiest trade routes. More than 320 ships accumulated in  front of both accesses to the canal. At dawn on March 29, the cargo ship was successfully refloated and has already begun to move. 

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Source: Actualidad.RT