She risks her life to rescue him from a frozen pool (VIDEO)

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The owner of the dog did not think twice and jumped into the frozen water to save her pet. The video is viral on YouTube.

A woman won the applause of thousands of people on YouTube after saving her puppy from freezing to death after falling into an icy pool in Tennessee, United States. The exciting images did not take long to become a trend on social networks.

Cold temperatures in the United States have become a death trap for thousands of people and animals in the city of Murfreesboro, where a family’s pool was covered in gall.

As can be seen in the viral YouTube video, two dogs were playing near the frozen pool, however, one of them made a false jump and sank into the ice formed by the water. The owner of the house was alerted by one of her pets.

The woman, surprised by the loud barking of one of her dogs, went out to see what the problem was, when she realized what was happening. Without thinking twice he jumped into the frozen pool and began swimming through the ice. After several minutes of searching, he managed to get the animal out.

“I was lucky to be outside and I was able to run to the other side of the pool where he had fallen. Luckily, we have a local veterinarian who lives in our neighbourhood and gave him some emergency medicine so that we would have time to take him to the vet and save his life, ”the young woman wrote in the YouTube video.

Watch the Youtube video below …


Source: El Popular