He explains how he was saved from being killed by a crocodile (VIDEO)

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The man has assured that he was saved thanks to a YouTube tutorial that pointed out that you had to remove the eyes of the crocodile to stop it attacking you.

Last Sunday Isaac Adidi lived through a moment that he will remember for a lifetime. It is about a 22-year-old man who was in a creek at Cape York, in Australia, when he was attacked by a saltwater crocodile that was four meters long.

According to what he now tells The Courier Mail, he went there with his partner and his cousin to take a swim, but when he was about to get out of the water, the crocodile lunged at him, grabbed him from behind and dragged him back into the water.

“It tried to submerge me, then it released me for a second and grabbed my hand to submerge me again,” says Isaac. “His face was right in front of me, so with my index finger I tried to gouge out his eye.”

This act was not accidental; Apparently, the man had seen in a YouTube tutorial that this was what he had to do to survive a crocodile attack. And whether it is true or not, in this case it worked, since the crocodile let go of him and it was then that the young man, who was bleeding from his hand and back, was able to escape by swimming towards the shore while the animal was chasing him. 

To everyone’s relief, he was able to get out alive, although he was seriously injured and was quickly airlifted to Cairns city for emergency surgery.

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Source: Epik