They watch him and imitate his movements outside of their aquarium (VIDEO)

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The dolphins looked at him curiously and suddenly it seemed that the two were playing together.

This time a pair of dolphins were the ones who starred in a viral video that caused a sensation on social networks.

It all started when a young man tried to attract the attention of a dolphin outside of their aquarium.

To make this possible, he decided to do cartwheels, and although at first he had to repeat them several times, after a while he managed to captivate the curiosity of the cetacean, who first observed him and then began to imitate the movements of the stranger.

On TikTok , Anthony Pérez explained that he recently visited an aquarium and wanted to do something different, he did not want to see only the animals behind the glasses, so he chose to play with them through the movements of his body.

Pérez did not expect the dolphin to react to his act, but he succeeded. In the video you can see the emotion of the young man of how the dolphin moved his body to imitate him.

The reaction of both was captured on video and it did not take long to go viral due to the tenderness that the scene generated.

Have you ever tried to make an animal imitate your steps?

Watch the TikTok video below …

@ant.giovanniOne of the best moments of my life. And Im still in shock. An old video when the world was normal that I just wanted to share #dolphins #gayman #lgbtq♬ Cry Baby (feat. DaBaby) – Megan Thee Stallion


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