Terrifying moment at sea when a Cargo ship breaks in half (VIDEO)

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The viral video, recorded near the Turkish port of Bartin, in the southwest of the Black Sea, became a trend on the main social networks.

For a few days, a viral video has been circulating on social networks that shows us as if we were witnesses in site of the shocking moment when the Ukrainian cargo ship Arvin, which was shipwrecked off the coast of Turkey, was split in half. The terrifying image was published by the channel 7 on Ukrainian television and did not take long to unleash all kinds of comments on social networks. What were the causes of this accident on the high seas? 

In the clip, which has gone viral, it can be seen that the boat, which was going from Georgia to Bulgaria, sways on the waves of the Black Sea and, after a few seconds, breaks in the part of the bow. In the recording you can also hear that the crew tries to contact the dispatcher, but receives no response.

It was announced that the ship ended up sinking with 12 people on board, two of them being Russian citizens and 10 Ukrainians. According to the Coast Guard, three sailors were killed, six were rescued and the search for three more people continues.

The 114 meter long, 14 meter beam cargo ship was built in 1975 in Czechoslovakia. The freighter belonged to the Ukrainian company Arvin Shipping LTD.

Watch the viral Youtube video below ….


Source: Mag el Comercio