He pulls a huge beast straight out of the Seine in Paris France shocking onlookers (VIDEO)

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The scene was captured by a neighbour in Paris, France. The video has not taken long to go viral on YouTube.

Unexpectedly, he noticed a crowd gathering at one point, curiously looking at something. It was so that he approached to know what was happening.

Upon arrival, his eyes could not believe what he was seeing: a man was trying to pull a catfish out of the water by hand that was apparently larger than average. He took out his cell phone to capture the situation. See the Youtube video below…

As you will observe, the catfish had exceptional dimensions. According to what the woman told the Daily Mail, this animal was about 2 meters long. The ‘common’ catfish are about 80 centimeters long.

The clip has gone viral on YouTube and other platforms in record time. Many viewers expressed not only their surprise, but also their fear for the creature.

“What a beast!” “The Loch Ness monster of the Seine!” Shouted someone from the crowd, impressed by the size of the fish.

The author of the recording assured that it is probably one of the largest fish caught in the center of the city.

“The largest catfish ever caught in the Seine measured 1.90 meters and was roughly the same size,” he concluded.

“It’s creepy to see a sea animal like that. Its size is colossal, ” said one of the users of the Google video site.

Watch the Youtube video below…


Source: Mag el Comercio