A fisherman rescues him from the fishing net he was trapped in (VIDEO)

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The man has been classified as a hero by many YouTube users after saving the life of the mammal. This event occurred in the city of Guarujá, in Brazil.

Thousands of people have been helped by dolphins in difficult times at sea. For this reason, these marine mammals are loved in many parts of the world.

That affection makes the content related to them reach very high popularity ratings in a short time. And more if it accounts for something moving, such as the material that motivates this article.

As you have read in the headline, it shows the moment when a diver rescues a baby dolphin from a fishing net. The scene, totally inspiring, occurred in the town of Guarujá, in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The images, as you just seen, were uploaded on YouTube. In a few days, the clip surpassed 13,000 views.

Watch the Youtube video below … 


Source: Mag el Comercio