She is trapped under 200 sharks while diving (VIDEO)

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The diver had to take refuge in some rocks 24 meters deep, trying not to move so as not to attract attention.

A woman recorded a group of around “200 hammerhead sharks” swimming a few meters above her while she was diving off the coast of Australia, reports local ABC.

The images were captured by Yuan Tu He last week near the town of South West Rocks, New South Wales state. She  was scuba diving  when she noticed the sharks approaching, so she took refuge in between some rocks at a depth of 24 meters.

“They stopped right above of us, like hundreds of sharks above our heads at ten meters,” she recounted. The woman clung to the rocks for about ten minutes trying not to move until the marine predators withdrew. “It was a dramatic experience, because when the sharks arrived all the smaller fish entered the place where she was taking refuge” she added.

Adult hammerhead sharks can grow up to 20 feet in length, but are considered  harmless to humans.

Watch the Youtube video below …


Source: Actualidad.rt