He gets caught in a fishing net laid in a protected reservoir (VIDEO)

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As seen in the Youtube video. Rescuers dragged the net until the animal’s legs broke free.

After 8 hours of hard work, a team of rescuers managed to free an elephant that had been trapped in a fishing net, lying in a protected reservoir in the Indian town of Mysore, reports  the India Today portal.

On Tuesday morning, the residents of the area suspected that something was not right with the elephant, because it remained in the water for a long time and alerted the authorities. At the scene, rescuers discovered that the animal’s legs were trapped  in the net, but could not get close due to the elephant’s aggressiveness.

Finally, when the mammal calmed down, the rescuers boats approached, and using hooks attached to ropes they dragged the net until the elephant was released.

Watch the Youtube video below …


Source: Actualidad.rt