Fisherman dies after collision with environmental boat (PHOTOS)

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Members of the environmental organization Sea Shepherd, were collecting fishing nets from their boat, “Farley Mowatt”, when they were attacked by fishermen, who threw explosive devices at them from a Toledo boat.

When the organization’s ship was preparing to withdraw, one of the pangas broke off right in front of them and ended up crashing directly into the case of the old US Coast Guard. The small boat ended up breaking in half, expelling all its passengers into the sea.

Last Sunday one of the fishermen involved in the accident lost his life while hospitalized, another was injured but his current condition is reported stable. The deceased identified as Mario García, was in the General Hospital of Mexicali being hospitalized for major fractures of the hip, pelvis and bladder instability. reported the official, Agustín Toledo. Relatives of the deceased demand that the authorities do justice for García’s death.

The events occurred on December 31 in the protection zone of the vaquita marina, a species that according to information from the Center for Biological Diversity in the United States, has declined dramatically from having had 560 specimens in 1990 to only 10 in 2020, this due They are trapped in the nets placed to capture the totoaba, a fish that turns out to be the main ingredient of a very popular dish in China, where thousands of dollars are paid for its consumption, currently its fishing is illegal.

After the accident, environmentalists helped the injured fishermen and asked Navy officials for help, as more fishermen began to riot around the accident area. On the other hand, the family of the affected person assures that they were violently and intentionally impacted and did not receive any support from the organization. Activists say they have been the constant target of threats from clandestine fishermen.

Fisherman dies after collision with environmental boat


Source: Yahoo Noticias