Decaying organic sea of ​​foam and snakes overtakes a beach in Australia (VIDEO)

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Many recalled some horror movies upon seeing the scene. Videos posted by users went viral on social media.

The sea in  New South Wales and Queensland, Australia, was covered in foam and sea snakes due to recent intense storms. This set off the alarms among the beach goers who had come to the area. 

Although it seems like a gigantic bubble bath, the presence of up to 32 species of poisonous sea snakes that were dragged by the toxic waste foam would make you think twice before venturing to experience the unusual phenomenon.

“We have observed trees in the foam, and even a cow floating around, so I would recommend being very careful,” rescue services supervisor Nathan Fife told The Guardian Australia.

Why does this sea of ​​foam form?

The foam is formed from the mixture of seawater, algae, salts, fats and other contaminants, being so thick that it makes it very difficult to see around it.

The foam is made of decaying organic matter. Now for anyone who has never seen it in real life, guess what it smells like…… decaying organic matter. I would never go near that or let my children or dog play in it!

Watch the Youtube video below…


Source: Mag el Comercio