A river baptism ceremony almost turns into a deadly accident (VIDEO)

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People dragged down the river during christening almost drowned, as the force of the current is intensified by the weather.

The video that shows two people dragged by the river during an evangelical baptism will leave you speechless. Here are the details.

This ceremony implies that a man and woman is submerged in water and then comes out. This leap of faith symbolizes ‘being born again‘. However, it almost cost two believers their lives.

Everything happened in the turbulent waters of the Rímac River, in the town of Huachipa, Peru. In that place, two people were caught dragged by the river during a baptism.

In the video, taken by a person who attended the ceremony, the pastor is heard saying ‘I baptize you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ’.

The man tries to submerge a young girl in the water. However, it is appreciated that the force of the current causes him to lose his balance.

In the recording, people are shown dragged by the river during a baptism in front of the horror of those present.

A woman can also be seen jumping into the water to help them, but her efforts were in vain.

Of the people dragged by the river during baptism , Rosa Jiménez Bartolo, 65 years old, was identified. She was taking the holy sacrament from her own brother.

This was reported by the major of the National Police of Peru (PNP) Erick Acosta. He is the commissioner of Huachipa and said about the incident:

“They are brothers, both the pastor and the sister. As there were no swimming pools and they are closed in Huachipa, they chose to go to the Rímac River “

Police rescue people dragged by river during baptism

The people dragged down the river during the baptism were rescued by elements of the PNP.

According to various media, the person who recorded the moment notified the authorities after the incident. However, agents who were in the area on surveillance rounds came after hearing cries for help.

Despite his prompt reaction, it was not easy to find one of the people dragged down the river during a baptism .

The shepherd stated that he was able to get out earlier because he managed to hold onto the branches that were near the shore. However, he could not hold his sister.

The authorities achieved the rescue by being guided by the silhouette of the woman’s body. The people washed away by the river for baptism were taken to a nearby hospital. Thanks to the help of the residents, they received timely medical attention.

The victim presented several bruises. However, he is already at home recovering.

The PNP exhorted the population to avoid religious rites in the Rímac River. He recalled that it is the rainy season and the current of the ‘Talker’ is very high.

Watch the Youtube video below …


Source: La Neta Noticias