World’s Most Advanced Aircraft Carrier The USS Gerald R. Ford Has A Problem With Its Toilets

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The sanitation system becomes clogged so often that it must be periodically unclogged with acid, an operation costing around $ 400,000, according to an internal audit.

The nuclear powered aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford, the most advanced in the US Navy, has problems with its toilets, which need to be acid-rinsed regularly at a cost of $ 400,000 for each operation, according to a new report by the Office of United States Government Responsibility (GAO).

The document notes that the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS George HW Bush also has the same sanitation system installed.

“The Navy used a new toilet and drain system on CVN 77 [the USS George HW Bush aircraft carrier] and 78 [the USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier], similar to those used on a commercial aircraft, but increased in stopover for a crew of more than 4,000 people [Ford has an official crew of 4,539 sailors and Marines], ”explains the report.

“The pipes are too narrow and when there are a lot of sailors flushing the toilet at the same time, like in the morning, the suction doesn’t work,” said Shelby Oakley, a GAO board that manages the ship reviews of the government agency, cited by Bloomberg.

However, the final costs are not yet known. “According to fleet maintenance officials, since each acid cleanup costs around $ 400,000, the Navy has yet to determine how often and for how many ships this operation will need to be repeated, making it difficult to quantify the total impact on the costs ”, indicates the report.

“The Navy has delivered warships, such as aircraft carriers, destroyers, and submarines, to its fleet in the past 10 years, and the maintenance of these ships requires more effort than initially planned,” GAO concludes.

World's Most Advanced Aircraft Carrier The USS Gerald R. Ford Has A Problem With Its Toilets


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