Woman Enters Crocodile Enclosure Carrying Her Son To Retrieve Something That Fell (VIDEO)

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A mother of a family put her life and that of her little one at risk during a visit to a zoo in the United States, which is considering bringing charges against her for her recklessness.

A Facebook video spread like wildfire in recent hours, showing a distressing scene starring a woman, who did not hesitate to enter with her son in her arms to the crocodile habitat of the Safari North Wildlife Park in Brainerd, Minnesota (United States), with the sole purpose of recovering your wallet. Be sure to see these impressive images!

The images of the moment were captured by Ashlynn Curtis and spread on the aforementioned social network by herself on July 18.She, in her publication, related that the mother entered the reptile habitat after her wallet ended up floating in the pond.

The woman did not respect the security measures established by the zoo. As if that were not enough, her life was not the only one in danger, since her son accompanied her. After managing to distract the crocodiles, she eventually managed to retrieve her wallet.

According to TMZ, wildlife park employees were unaware of the incident until the video went viral. The aforementioned source also maintains that the zoo wants to press charges against the woman for her actions.

The Facebook post went around the world quickly. Thousands of users from different parts have been extremely shocked with everything that happened, ensuring that the mother’s behaviour was “irresponsible”.

Watch the viral Facebook footage below …


Source: Mag el Comercio