What Do We Really Know About The Moon’s Water?

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The Moon has great incidence in some of the most important phenomena on our planet, it is not surprising then that this satellite is being investigated with such emphasis. This time we will talk to you about the possibility of whether there is water on the Moon or not.


Scientists from the Department of Planetary Sciences at Brown University in the United States announced that the Moon can keep a kind of storehouse of water. This liquid may be contained within crystals, products of volcanic explosions that have occurred inside the satellite.

Year of emergence of the idea

It had long been taken for granted that the lunar interior did not harbour this vital fluid. Furthermore, as of 2008, a group of geologists was able to change that theory thanks to the Apollo 15 and 17 missions.

Ralph Milliken, director in charge of the studies, said that some pyroclastic deposits that give the probability of the existence of water on the Moon could be examined.

Because it seems unlikely that the hydrogen needed to form water can resist the characteristics of the Moon, this was thought to be somewhat far-fetched.

How did it happen?

The questions about how water came to exist on the Moon have been very diverse. One of the theories put forward postulates that this is due to the remains left behind by an object the size of the planet Mars when it collided with our planet at the beginning stage of the solar system in which we orbit.

Every discovery made on the outskirts of planet Earth will always be of great interest since very little is known about the universe itself. Don’t forget that you can share this with your fellow students and thus come up with a theory together.

What Do We Really Know About The Moon's Water?


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